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Playgrounds Poem

Children are naturally curious and full of energy. They love running around and exploring new things while playing. Their favorite place would be the playground because they have the space and new things to play with. It is a great way for them to build strong bones and good health as well as they are able to socialize and make friends in a n early age. Let your kids enjoy their childhood by letting them experience playing in the playground.

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The Playground.
Poem by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

We are the kids in the playground of plastic man,
Swing sets, sand pits, climbing ladders, down,
Sliding frames, see saw and the hide and seek,
The life and the play ground are alike.
Two sit on the see saw and looking at each other,
Going up and down, the life becomes boring rather,
If one gets down, the other will slam down faster,
In life’s playground, people separate cooler and harsher.
Playing swing is fun for the sitting, not for the pushing,
Some sit and enjoy and the rest push punctually until the ending,
Sand pits are small, where we are not hurt, but get dirt,
A closed community, where has no space for peace and growth.
Everything that done in the dark will be exposed in simple light,
Everything that hidden will be shown in the soul flight,
Nothing is hidden for ever to seek, but seeking is a game,
Everyone of us delight, to find the lies or truth of the shame.
Everyone of us rushing to the ladder, crowded at the slope,
Not many can climb, never can climb, waiting with hope,
Then one by one to the top to see the glamorous playground,
Then sit and slide slowly and steadily to land on the sand.

A Playground
Poem by John Hambrock

Children laugh, children play, it’s supposed to be this way. Children love, children hug, children have the sweetest face. Children are supposed to laugh, and race, no evilness should touch this face. Children face the hardest times, when love, and life become unkind. Children are supposed to smile, and race, and not see tragedy all over this place. A child’s life should be a playground, where hurt, and pain are rarely found. This is not alway’s the path, but hope that they will learn to laugh.

Source: Poemhunter

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