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Iron Math And Society – Poem by Lonnie Hicks

I have so easily accepted these pulley ropes
hoisting my self’s achievements for all to see.

Fames’ Face
applauds Ambition’s ends

and I am promised
to be uplifted
to Security and Prosperity;

Potentialities and Promises
Possibilities gleaming,

Glowing Future-Beacons
calling for Hard Work
Sacrifice and Ideals

to deliver me and mine,

where Deliverance
sits with Happiness
and Contentment
and presumably Love
and Friends too.

A lot here recommends.

But the Pulley Ropes
remind me
of the zero sum-
one up for me
often is one down for thee,

Iron Math and Society,

gainless goals for me
pains for thee
nothing is the total

Iron Math Indeed.

Competition’s seeds
I win
you lose

Sad outcome for you
and less clearly,
for me.

The Competitive Engine roars
and devours the Participants
who, in riding Success’s Whirlwind
pay the Conductor’s Fee in Ideals Foregone.

We grapple with Horizons
cut from Competitive Cloth
ignorant of other
Yet Unseen.


After Math – Poem by a nobody named maui

Skin flows
From mortal flesh
Yet so surreal,
Glowing with the light
From unabashed
Erotic delight
That lovers feel,
From the sheen of our bliss
Sweet perspiration
Brought about by coupling
Or the so-called goal for
Decreasing heart rates
After sanity is increased,
Only a fraction of time
Yet it lasted an infinity,
During that moment of release
There was no division.
Subtracted from our bodies
Was the tension
And all in all,
One plus one
Equals one
In this addition.


Math Nerd – Poem by Dagan Marti

I sit at my computer,
Looking at math,
Solving equations,
I don’t even bath,

I still have friends,
Who are not as nerdy as me,
Still quite intellegent,
Yet as stupid as can be,

In school I do calculus,
Instead of what I’m supposed to do,
I’m a college level student,
Though I’m just in middle school.


Some Math – Poem by Patti Masterman

Anger squared has a negative root
Of well-primed factors, so it won’t compute

The hypotenuse is the longest way
Around a three-cornered hat
And it’s here to stay

And Trigger Nometry
Was not the horse
That Roy road
On the TV course

But when baking an omelette, quiche or pie
You can take my word, for I would not lie;
As in the ground, grows the lowly common-tator,
The eggs are the lowest common denominator.


Math Exam! – Poem by Aisha Alansari

Math and Math..
why is it Math?
it takes too long to do its exams.

Sometimes it’s easy sometimes it’s hard,
on the paper it says what’s 4×4?
but then I look down..oh my good..there’s more.

some students have the brain,
however, some students don’t..so you know how they behave.

comp laining

Math and Math..
why is it Math?
it takes to long to do its exam.

Have to think,
if I can’t this is what I’ll bring,
Ruler, protractor, calculator and more..
although I used them..
I don’t think I’ll get a good score.


Source: Poemhunter


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