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Lost Love Poems

I’M Sorry
by Lost. Love

Yes, i’ll always love you.
After everything’s said.
I somehow no matter what.
Haven’t been able to get you off my mind.
Don’t know what i’ll do.
So i’m sorry.
After all that i’ve done.
I didn’t mean for this to happen.
And i don’t even know.
How it began.


Just A Note
by Lost. Love

Daylight fade so shade,
As life slowly fades away,
Simple plans go unspoken,
The love you felt disappears,
Simple mistakes,
And well earned heartbreaks,
Leave you hanging on for more.


by Lost Love

I wish I hadn’t got attached to him
It was a feeling that would never depart
I had given my heart to someone
Who had given someone else his heart.
But whenever he looked at me
It was always something different
I guess it wasn’t me, it was him
But the feeling, it was magnificent.
A future with him was ready in my mind
Our whole life in a nut
But was the future relevant?
I’ll never know about his if and his but.
Whenever I closed my eyes,
I had his face in my head.
But his significant other…
She was way too ahead.
Did he ever like me?
Or was it just for fun?
That feeling, would it make me reach him?
Or would it make me leave and run?


Lost Love

I was shouting about how much I hated her
And who wouldn’t if it was your crush’s girlfriend
It was like a message you would want to delete
But you would realise that you had just clicked send
Embarrassing things always happen with everyone
I tried to console myself
Is there something written about it in some book?
Where is the best and the most helpful bookshelf?
Cakes are anytime better than people
That feeling was a very proud one
Ha! Life fools you,
I am so effing done
If only I could go back to the past
And stop myself from saying what i said
His eyes showed he teased me
If only i could leave the earth already, i begged
Just learn from your mistakes
Make sure you don’t do anything like this again
Sleepless nights, red cheeks,
No more sun, just rain and some more rain.

Source: Poemhunter

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