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Letters From Heaven Poems

All good things are found where angels are and it is impossible not to think of the heavens to find hope and courage to face life in times of uncertainty. If you ever miss a departed loved one prayer can help you ease your mind and put your heart to rest. It is a lovely thought that your prayers are always heard and there are letters from heaven waiting for you. Love from your dear loved one is reaching down the earth and praying silently for your protection, for your blessings, for care and love, and hope that you will always feel the heavens looking out for you.

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A Letter From Heaven
Poem by Jackie Compton

Dear sweet innocent child of mine.
I am writing you this letter from heaven.
Just to let you know that Mother still loves you.
Don’t worry about me for I am doing fine.
For it is I that is worried about you.
As I walk through the garden of eternal life.
I hear your silent prayers very clearly.
Mother knows that there will be times that you fill like giving up,
but don’t you do it sweet child of mine.
For God has assured me that a long days journey is made shorter by
taking the first step toward him.
In the beginning, as in the end.
He will take two steps toward you.
So my dear sweet child keep on climbing.
For I am sure sweet child of mine.
God never built a stairway to nowhere for you to climb.

A Letter From Heaven
Poem by Albert Wong

Your letter seems dropped from heaven,
Likes a piece of stone falling,
To a peaceful lake of water,
Disturbing my peace suddenly.
Why it comes so late after you disappeared,
For over forty years.
You’re thought moved to heaven long time ago;
Echoing in my ears you’re a floating plant;
You might float down to a river of no return;
In these forty years how sad I was for lost a good friend.
Now you come back disturbing my peace again;
Your letter might be a little wild fire begin;
I’m willing it never comes to my eyes;
It’s an envelope of bitter poison to my throat.
How could you stand so long not contact me?
Your letter comes with fire and poisen,
which I don’t quite want its arrival.

Source: Poemhunter

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