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Holiday Poems – Most Popular Poems about Holidays

Holidays are the best days of the calendar. Your favorite holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are what make every month special. It also gives a glimmer of hope for those who are working nonstop. For adults, holidays can be a restful one or a very busy day. You can go on vacation, take a trip somewhere far, or even spend time pampering yourself or visiting the family. For kids, it is time to take a break from school, no homework and exams, enjoy endless playtime, and be treated to something special. No matter what you are doing for the holiday enjoy it to the fullest.

Have fun this coming holiday and chill with beautiful poems from 1Love Poems.

A Holiday – Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The Wife
The house is like a garden,
The children are the flowers,
The gardener should come methinks
And walk among his bowers,
Oh! lock the door on worry
And shut your cares away,
Not time of year, but love and cheer,
Will make a holiday.
The Husband
Impossible! You women do not know
The toil it takes to make a business grow.
I cannot join you until very late,
So hurry home, nor let the dinner wait.
The Wife
The feast will be like Hamlet
Without a Hamlet part:
The home is but a house, dear,
Till you supply the heart.
The Xmas gift I long for
You need not toil to buy;
Oh! give me back one thing I lack –
The love-light in your eye.
The Husband
Of course I love you, and the children too.
Be sensible, my dear, it is for you
I work so hard to make my business pay.
There, now, run home, enjoy your holiday.
The Wife (turning)
He does not mean to wound me,
I know his heart is kind.
Alas! that man can love us
And be so blind, so blind.
A little time for pleasure,
A little time for play;
A word to prove the life of love
And frighten care away!
Tho’ poor my lot in some small cot
That were a holiday.
The Husband (musing)
She has not meant to wound me, nor to vex –
Zounds! but ‘tis difficult to please the sex.
I’ve housed and gowned her like a very queen
Yet there she goes, with discontented mien.
I gave her diamonds only yesterday:
Some women are like that, do what you may.

Summer Holiday – Poem by Robinson Jeffers

When the sun shouts and people abound
One thinks there were the ages of stone and the age of
And the iron age; iron the unstable metal;
Steel made of iron, unstable as his mother; the tow-
ered-up cities
Will be stains of rust on mounds of plaster.
Roots will not pierce the heaps for a time, kind rains
will cure them,
Then nothing will remain of the iron age
And all these people but a thigh-bone or so, a poem
Stuck in the world’s thought, splinters of glass
In the rubbish dumps, a concrete dam far off in the

A Statesman’s Holiday – Poem by William Butler Yeats

I lived among great houses,
Riches drove out rank,
Base drove out the better blood,
And mind and body shrank.
No Oscar ruled the table,
But I’d a troop of friends
That knowing better talk had gone
Talked of odds and ends.
Some knew what ailed the world
But never said a thing,
So I have picked a better trade
And night and morning sing:
Tall dames go walking in grass-green Avalon.
Am I a great Lord Chancellor
That slept upon the Sack?
Commanding officer that tore
The khaki from his back?
Or am I de Valera,
Or the King of Greece,
Or the man that made the motors?
Ach, call me what you please!
Here’s a Montenegrin lute,
And its old sole string
Makes me sweet music
And I delight to sing:
Tall dames go walking in grass-green Avalon.
With boys and girls about him.
With any sort of clothes,
With a hat out of fashion,
With Old patched shoes,
With a ragged bandit cloak,
With an eye like a hawk,
With a stiff straight back,
With a strutting turkey walk.
With a bag full of pennies,
With a monkey on a chain,
With a great cock’s feather,
With an old foul tune.
Tall dames go walking in grass-green Avalon.

Our Holiday Memories – Poem by kite remedy

Holding hands,
beach’s white sands,
an evening walk,
an overnight talk,
our ball game,
a sunset’s the same,
your brilliant eyes,
up the swallow flies,
you smile to me,
we’re so happy,
you are, aren’t you?
but, it’ll end soon
an evening walk again
more time we spend
more than we can
more than we rent
we can stay near
today and here
sunset again
and soon it’ll end
no, not the same
today no ball game
we sit, stay quiet
hold hands with night
talking with stars
we’re happy, we are
don’t want to part
no, not goodbye
so before this ends
make a poem
word the memories
note to make them live
so the holiday ends
so can’t see you then
won’t miss any
here can always see
in this poem, this paper
memories live forever..

Alpine Holiday – Poem by Robert William Service

He took the grade in second – quite a climb,
Dizzy and dangerous, yet how sublime!
The road went up and up; it curved around
The mountain and the gorge grew more profound.
He drove serenely, with no hint of haste;
And then she felt his arm go round her waist.
She shrank: she did not know him very well,
Being like her a guest at the hotel.
Nice, but a Frenchman. On his driving hand
He wore like benedicks a golden band . . .
Well, how could she with grace refuse a drive
So grand it made glad to be alive?
Yet now she heard him whisper in her ear:
“Don’t be afraid. With one hand I can steer,
With one arm hold you . . . Oh what perfect bliss!
Darling, please don’t refuse me just one kiss.
Here, nigh to Heaven, let is us rest awhile . . .
Nay, don’t resist – give me your lips, your smile . . .”
So there in that remote and dizzy place
He wrestled with her for a moment’s space,
Hearing her cry: “Oh please, please let me go!
Let me get out . . . You brute, release me! No, no,
. . . In that ravine was found their burnt-out car –
Their bodies trapped and crisped into a char.

Dream Holiday Places – Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpuri

Oh yes, oh yes salams, hello, hi
Aha, oh my, oh my, oh my
My favorite dream places happen to be
ones that rhyme with the words
aye, aye, aye and bye, bye, bye
for I wish to fly
to divine Dubai
to showy Shanghai
to Beautiful Brunei
and heavenly Hawaii
and last but not least
the land of the Thai
The only odd ones out in this rhyme scheme
of exotic favourite places of my dream
aretouristy Turkey and Singapore
ah I wrote this kinda’ extempore.
So if I do go gallivanting
somewhat like Gulliver on his travels
these would be the places I’d like to explore.
Ah it’s always great to travel
and geo atlas mysteries unravel
upon God’s wide world to marvel
Going places to collect and bring back memories
A collection of curios and cherished souvenirs
As indeed whenever you bring back some exotica
you enhance your knowledge with those ephemera.
So guys I’d love to fly
to travel to Turkey and Thailand
Sojourn in Shanghai
depart for Dubai
holiday in hawaii
Board a flight to Brunei.
One has to try
to get into jetsetting style
act somewhat like the jet set
for frequent flyer mile.
This has been a poetic travelogue
for any voyage in vogue.
But whenever I can and if I have luck now
I know I could never tire of journeying
to Aligarh and Lucknow
For motherland India calls me like no other
a place to hug my origins, beloved dad and mother.
Ah, only if there were no travel formalities
I could be sightseeing many more cities.
Without need of passports, ticket and visa
anyone could’ve travelled
to watch the Leaning tower of Pisa
or even the egyptian pyramids of Giza.
But for spiritual enlightenment and nourishment the mecca of thronging visitors
I wish to frequently visit Mecca as a pilgrim, Hajj is of the Islamic pillars
So O’ Tinkerbell, sprinkle me too with yer fairy pixie dust
so I too can fly, and satisfy, my spasmodic wanderlust

Source: Poemhunter

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