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Grown Up Poems

Adults know now that they have grown up and they are now assuming more responsibilities than ever. We never thought as kids that we should have taken our time being young because those moments will be terribly missed once we grow up. And now here we are, trees standing tall against wind and storms of life. We have goals that are hard to reach and the obstacles we have to face inevitably. Grown-ups must be a rock under all these circumstances because there is no net to fall down on unlike when we were still kids. Maybe you even sometimes wish you had never grown up.

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The Grown-Up
Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke

All this stood upon her and was the world
and stood upon her with all its fear and grace
as trees stand, growing straight up, imageless
yet wholly image, like the Ark of God,
and solemn, as if imposed upon a race.
As she endured it all: bore up under
the swift-as-flight, the fleeting, the far-gone,
the inconceivably vast, the still-to-learn,
serenely as a woman carrying water
moves with a full jug. Till in the midst of play,
transfiguring and preparing for the future,
the first white veil descended, gliding softly
over her opened face, almost opaque there,
never to be lifted off again, and somehow
giving to all her questions just one answer:
In you, who were a child once-in you.

Growing Up
Poem by Frederick Williams

I finally growing up and I am ready to face the world’s challenges.
I know I am smart enough, bright enough and wise enough to conquer anything.
I am not going to lie, I have doubts and anxieties on making it.
Because I went through some things as a young child growing up in
A dysfunctional environment where I didn’t get any love
Or support for anything I ever did as a child. As a teenager and
Young adult, you can easily go down hill and spiral out of control.
You can become a drug addict, abusive, low self esteem and have a very careless
Attitude towards yourself and everyone around you. You can overcome those
Obstacles or fall into self destruction.
Sometimes, you have to face the truth about yourself in order to become a successful
Grown up. You have to take control of your life and make some smart and responsible
Choices in your life. To grown you have to face your greatest demons and ask god to help you to win the battle of growing up and becoming the young man(woman) your meant to be or greater. You have to grow through some things in order to make it on the other side
Of the world of success. Life doesn’t come with a manual instruction booklet, you have to
Have a structural plan and get on it.
It is one of those things, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Life will take you on a detour that you do not intended to go. You can either go up and keep climbing up to the top or take the easy way out and go down hill. To climb up the ladder of success personally, professionally and psychologically you will have challenges you must face as a human being. If your weak and depressed then it will take you a lot longer to reach to the top than anyone else. When you overcome your weakness and depression, you will be a lot stronger and power because whatever challenges that life has thrown at you will make you that stronger leader for yourself and everyone else around you.
Growing up never came with a instruction manual, you have to take life as it comes and make the best or the worse out of it. Either way, it is your destiny for you to make or break yourself. In this world there are winners and losers never in between you have a choice to pick either side. Growing up and maturing into the adult your meant to be is the greatest love you can ever give yourself.

Source: Poemhunter

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