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Grandpa Poems – Poetry About Grandfathers

by Jessica Roberts

My grandfather was a the sweetest man
He was one of the nicest people you’d ever meet
There’s no one else like him
I love you so much grandpa
Grandpa I’ll always hold you close to my heart
You were always picking on me
But I picked right back and I love you
No matter what, your memory will never fade
I miss you so much already
Its not like your really gone
I just want to wake up and you be here
I’m trying to be strong for everyone
Everyone who new you is taking this hard
We all loved you and miss you so much
We also new it would happen but not so soon
We wish you were still with us
I love you so much
I hope your safe and not suffering
Your in a better place now
That does not stop our pain and lose


by Kyle Balliet

My grandpa was a very tall man.
My grandpa was always my biggest fan.
My grandpa and I have always been buds.
My grandpa even went out with me and played in the mud.
My grandpa took me to Burger King every day.
My grandpa took me to the park to watch me play.
My grandpa taught me how to tie my shoes.
My grandpa told me his favorite type of music was the blues.
My grandpa nickname was Popeye the Sailor Man.
My grandpa was a man with a plan.
My grandpa stayed home when my family went on vacation.
My grandpa was having major headaches when we were in a different
My grandpa went to the doctor and looked him in the eye.
My grandpa died before I could say good-bye.
My grandpa died from brain tumors.
My grandpa will always be remembered by his funny humor.

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