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Funny Poems For Kids – Funny Kids

Funny Kids

by Kranthi Pothineni
Happy Morning kids, I said
Monday morning sir, they giggled
I too smiled saying good one
They winked saying which one
Then I gazed and asked one
Asked, What is your dream?
Kid, sorry no day dreams
I nodded and asked again
So what’s your night dream?
Kid, to not wet my bed
I asked one more kid
Who is the king of forest?
Kid, the king is King Kong
What about lion? I said
Kid, lion lives in zoo
I asked one cute bud
Why monkeys live on trees?
Kid, all monkeys lost keys
Why donkeys work hard?
Kid, all donkeys work for don
Tell why this hens crow?
Why dogs bark? I asked
Then the bell rang loud
Kids ran saying alarm sound
I too left saying funny kids

Source: PoemHunter

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