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Emotional Poems – Poems About Emotional

Emotions are tricky to handle. There is nothing wrong with being emotional especially when you channel them in the right direction and action. You might be going through a rough patch in an important relationship to a family member, a lover, or a friend; or you might be going through something devastating in your personal life; or you are experiencing a stressful situation at school or work; no matter what you are going through it is important to face and release the emotions that you feel to be able to understand it and act on it that will benefit your mental, emotional and psychological health in a positive way.

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Emotional Bursts

by Hasmukh Amathalal

All of sudden tears roll out,
No reason whatsoever and nothing about,
No defeat, no victory and no rout,
Still reality and sudden fall out,
Emotions burst out with sudden good news,
No solution in sight but call for reviews,
No hopes for success but call for interviews,
Where chances for success are little or few,
It is state where sudden looseness occur in mind,
No easy way out still escape route to find
It is difficult to control but to bring an end,
Nerves act loose and emotions send,
Everything is known fact but still we weep,
Look so childish but forceful smile we keep,
No reason to look around but till we peep,
To avoid a personal audience we pretend to sleep,
Even bravest person among all on earth has failed,
Gripped with fear when boat is not smoothly sailed,
Got no reprieve and even not even bailed out
Emotions grip when dear ones are jailed,
With slight unusual things makes us to laugh,
Eyes glitter when not facing weather rough,
Fatal accidents not resulting into death,
Emotions run very high while laying wreath,
We gracefully bow when blessed with success,
Never dreamt about but find easy access,
We tend to loose control and surrender to feelings,
Heart is beating fast with joy and happy fillings
Even slight happiness sends us rolling,
Face becomes tense for result before polling,
Continuous flow of thought confine us to corner
Flare up emotion any time with heavy anger
Its occurrences is not unusual but natural,
One should not be Confined to limits overall,
It is simple to burst out with sudden call,
Even you may laugh free with a sudden fall
It is good for health to omit complete anger,
it is equally not good if not to ask food when facing hunger,
Let it take its implication in limited way,
No one has full control on it or even say
We should not be so sentimental in this regard
Not to think unnecessarily and look forward
It is beyond our capacity to ignore such call
It is so useful and important for our rise and fall
No one will have control over its outburst
Good control and anchoring is essential and must
It does not require special skill or talent
One must surrender to situation and relent
It may have serious fall out on health
Can’t be prevented with medicine or wealth
Only self control can put little brake
Its impact will be not less than earth quake

Emotional Idiot

by Maggie Estep

Emotional Idiocy is obviously a theme close to my heart since I seem to use the phrase in novels and CDs alike. My friend and mentor of sorts, Andrew Vachss, upon hearing me read a rendition of this poem, stated that it ought to be the theme song for borderline personality disorder. He’s right.
I’m an Emotional Idiot
so get away from me.
I mean,
Wait, no,
that’s too close,
give me some space
it’s a big country,
there’s plenty of room,
don’t sit so close to me.
Hey, where are you?
I haven’t seen you in days.
Whadya, having an affair?
Who is she?
Come on,
aren’t I enough for you?
You’re so cold.
I never know what you’re thinking.
You’re not very affectionate.
I mean,
you’re clinging to me,
what am I, your fucking cat?
Don’t rub me like that.
Don’t you have anything better to do
than sit there fawning over me?
Don’t you have any interests?
Sailing Fly fishing
There’s an archeology expedition leaving tomorrow
why don’t you go?
I’ll loan you the money,
my money is your money.
my life is your life
my soul is yours
without you I’m nothing.
Move in with me
we’ll get a studio apartment together, save on rent,
well, wait, I mean, a one bedroom,
so we don’t get in each other’s hair or anything
or, well,
maybe a two bedroom
I’ll have my own bedroom,
it’s nothing personal
I just need to be alone sometimes,
you do understand,
don’t you?
Hey, why are you acting distant?
Where you goin’,
was it something I said?
What did I do?
I’m an emotional idiot
so get away from me
I mean,

Emotional Girl

by Sarah Sisson

I am an emotion.
I surface each night
and feel the pain of yesterday.
I writhe. It is a power that
I give life. It does not soothe
me. Cast an iron shelf on
my shoulder to carry dirt,
soot from a day of anguish
that I wish to combine
with self disgust. I am
proud of my pain. I wear it
like a badge that is forged
from spilled blood. Broken
bones and scars.

Emotional Explosions…

by Joe Fazio

Anger, a spark, within all of us.
There, anger is lurking, waiting to
ignite the dynamite, that will
cause an explosion of words,
and actions, that can not be taken back.
Anger, is the roadblock, to anything
and everything, worthwhile in life.
Anger, seemingly an involuntary reaction,
to rejection of thought or action.
Anger, an interpretation, of unacceptable behavior.
Anger, almost always followed by regret.
Anger, an emotion. who’s children are,
anxiety, fear, frustration, animosity, passion,
outrage and a thousands of other, emotionally
affecting articulations.
Anger, the replacement of reason.
What is the enemy of anger? The
enemy of anger, is, patience, understanding
and love.
Anger, the emotion, the world would be
far better off, without.

Emotional Well Being In Peril.

by Joe Fazio

If your happiness depends on another, your emotional
well being is forever in peril. When one transcends the
fear of being alone and relives on themselves and their
God, life takes on an added dimension of inner peace,
never before experienced.

Source: Poemhunter

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