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Don’t Give Up Poem

by DET

Just because they give up it doesn’t mean it’s time for you
To give up
Why give up? Why? Why can’t you stand up when there are people out there fighting to live?
Just because things seemed hard doesn’t mean it’s time to give up.
You have to stand up stronger and ask yourself how come there are people who have cancer or poor people and they can get up and fight back! Why can’t you be one of them?
If you fall remember that you still have a chance to get up higher.
Why do you give up when you are very close to making your dreams real?
If you keep trying, keep doing it over, because trying can take you where you have always dreamed to be.
Ignore the pain, Ignore the haters because they hate to see you stand. They are jealous.
Let the haters judge, you just know that they wish they could be like you.
Let the haters hate you because they hate to see you standing up.
Let it be your motivation.
If you ever hear someone talking about you, let them talk about you because they wish they to be like you.
If you know who you are than the is no need for you to believe in their words.
Whatever happened yesterday, leave it behind because those mistakes can never be fixed! I
If you don’t want to repeat those mistakes, learn from them. There is always another chance.
Life is not easy, but believe in yourself everything will be alright.
There are going to be hard times, but just know that is a test that god creates to see if you really gonna give up or try.
If you feel fears, pray but don’t let those fears stop you.
Remember we are all equal so don’t you ever feel less because remember there is a god above watching us and loves you.
Everyone has a purpose in this world. You decide what your purpose is.
But remember keep going, chase your dreams Because you never know where those dreams will take you.
Don’t give up because remember there are kids that have cancer or poor people that call still get up and fight.
Love your haters and don’t hate them back, simply feel bad for them.
Love your haters, but don’t judge them back because they show us how to become stronger and become a better human Just remember there is a god that loves us! But don’t ever give up just because the people want it that way.
Always stand and say, “I fell this time, but it won’t happen again.”
Don’t give up, someone out there knows what you’re capable off.
Smile, and continue…

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