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Broken Heart Poems

God Why?  – Poem by Broken Hearts

God why do people die?
God why did you make pain?
God why weren’t you there the day my grandfather died?
God why are there earthquakes?
God why do hearts break?
God why are people on there own?
God why do you make people get hurt?
God why is there fear?
God why are there storms?
God why are people all alone?
God why are there drugs?
God why do people committee suicide?
God why aren’t you stopping global warming?
God why do I have nightmares?
God why is there no peace in this place?
God why did Jesus really die?
God why did you make sin?
God why do people hurt?
God why do children get kidnapped?
God why does love hurt so much?
God why do people break up?
God why do people get beat?
God why is there bad in this world you made?
God why have I tried to commit suicide?
God why did you make me?
God why am I still alive?
God why go I cut my wrist?
God why do I have to bleed to be set free?
God why am I in so much pain?
God why?


A Broken Girl – Poem by Broken Hearts

She’s standing here
A broken girl
With nothing left to feel
Pain is all she seems to know
The tears just keep on falling
She can’t be who you want her to be
One broken night
She fell apart
No where to go but down
She got behind the wheel
Tears falling as she drove
She stopped someplace
She didn’t know
Where she ended up
All she knew is that she wanted out
She turned around to go back home
Get her things and leave
Only to confront
The demon she’s been fearing
Yelling, Screaming, Hateful words
All fill up in the air
She turns around to get away
But something holds her back
Curse the demon that caused her pain
She won’t go out this way
Then out comes all the words
She’s been dying to say
Now she is free from all the pain


A Cutter Is Dead – Poem by Broken Hearts


Cuts on my wrist
Blood puddles at my feet
I am hardly breathing
All the pain has gotten to me
It can’t sleep
Thought racing through my head
I scream for help
Yet no one hears my cries
I am running form the pain
But it is inside
There is no where I can hide
I am drowning in my own blood
I start to shake
I lose feeling in my
The rest of my body
I am numb to everything
But pain
But this pain is killing me
The floor is covered in blood
Everything starts to turn black
The darkness pulls me in
I get a last gust of wind
I fall to the ground
I lay in my own blood
Now there is no more pain
Because now I have wasted away


Commit Suicide – Poem by Broken Hearts

Get that knife
Pull that trigger
Jump off that edge
Cut deeper with that razor
Please just kill yourself
This world is better off
Without you
No one will care if you die
If you commit suicide
By morning I want to find you dead
In a puddle of blood
Upon that cold floor
Nothing else but red
Please just let me find you dead
Because I don’t need you
No one does
They never have
And they never will
Commit Suicide tonight
You’re already crying yourself to sleep
There is no more self defeat
Please you make yourself bleed
All we want to do is forget about you
Please just make it easy
Get that knife
Pull that trigger
Jump of that edge
Cut deeper with that razor
By morning I want to find you dead
This world is better off
Without you
So please just commit suicide


Have You Ever Lived In My Life?  – Poem by Broken Hearts

Have you ever lived in my life?
Spent one minute in my shoes?
If you haven’t…
Tell me why you judge me as you do?
Have you ever…
Woken up in the morning wondering if this was your last day on earth?
Have you ever…
Left your house unsure if you’d return?
Have you ever…
Felt so lonely feeling like you’ve been isolated by everyone?
Have you ever…
Been betrayed by your best friend you’ve trusted so long?
Have you ever…
Sat beneath the stars hoping God will hear you?
Have you ever…
Seen your friends drive away and leaves you on your own?
Have you ever…
Been covered up guilt by doing a good deed?
Have you ever…
Considered suicide as the only way?
Have you ever…
Tried to hide yourself behind the things you say?
Have you ever…
Wanted to protect your friends and everyone in sight?
Have you ever…
Felt such pain you wanted to die?
Have you ever…
Cried yourself to sleep?
Have you ever…
Cut yourself hoping that you would die because you cut to deep?
Have you ever…
Lived in my life?
Spent one minute in my soul?
Notice what I feel?
Then tell me what it’s like.

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