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Love Poems For Her

Cherish Her Always: Thinking Of You Poems For Her

Cherish Her With These Heartfelt Thinking of You Poems

Hey there! Are you looking for a way to show your special lady how much you care? Then look no further! Our page dedicated to “Thinking Of You Poems For Her” has got you covered. We’ve got a range of heartfelt and romantic poems that will help you express your love and affection in a unique and special way.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or simply want to let her know that she’s always on your mind, our poems will do the trick. From passionate sonnets to lighthearted verses, we’ve got something for every mood and occasion.

So why wait? Browse our collection of “Thinking Of You Poems For Her” today and find the perfect way to show her how much she means to you. Trust us, she’ll love it!

Short Poems

1. “Always on my Mind”
You’re never far from my thoughts,
As I go about my day,
Your beauty and grace in my mind,
In every single way.

2. “Heartbeats”
My heart beats for you,
Every moment of every day,
Your smile, your touch, your everything,
Forever here to stay.

3. “In Your Arms”
Wrapped in your warm embrace,
The world just fades away,
Our love for each other,
Is all that we need to stay.

4. “My Only”
You are my one and only,
The light that guides me through,
Forever and always by my side,
My love for you always true.

Medium Poems

My Love, You’re Always on My Mind

My love, you’re always on my mind,
In every moment, every hour, every grind.
Even when we’re physically apart,
My thoughts of you never depart.
I imagine your smile, your touch, your voice,
And every time, my heart rejoices.
You’re the sunshine on my gloomy days,
The rainbow after the stormy phase.
With you, my world is bright and clear,
My love for you grows with every passing year.
So know that wherever I may be,
My thoughts and love will always be with thee.

Sweet Dreams, My Angel

Sweet dreams, my angel, as you lay down to rest,
May your sleep be peaceful, and your dreams be blessed.
May the stars above watch over you,
And the moonlight shine through the night so blue.
Close your eyes, and let your mind be free,
As you drift into dreamland, just you and me.
In this world of slumber, we’re free to be,
Together in a place of sweet harmony.
So dream of love, and happy times too,
Of all the wonderful things we’ll say and do.
And when you wake up with the morning sun,
Know that my love for you has just begun.

Long Poems

Unforgettable Love

Every day, every night
I think of you with all my might
My heart beats louder
With you, my love, it grows prouder

Your smile, your laugh, your touch
All of these I miss so much
I yearn for your presence near
To hold you, kiss you, I long, my dear

You are the sun in my sky
The reason why I say goodbye
To all the darkness in my life
You are the light in which I thrive

We’ve created memories so sweet
Moments that make my heart skip a beat
I hold them close, close to my heart
For they remind me, we shall never be apart

In your absence, I feel incomplete
My heart aches, my soul can’t be replete
For you are the sole owner of my heart
With you, my love, I never fall apart

Your love, my dear, is a gift
One that my heart shall always uplift
In you, I found my missing piece
Our love, unforgettable, shall never cease.

The Queen of My Heart

You are the queen of my heart,
The center of my universe,
The one who brings joy to my life,
The one whom I love with all my heart.

When I think of you, my heart skips a beat,
My breath catches in my throat,
And I can feel the warmth of your love
Wrap around me like a comforting cloak.

Your smile lights up my world,
Your laughter lifts me to the clouds,
And your touch ignites a fire in my soul
That burns with a passion so proud.

You are the embodiment of beauty,
The very essence of grace,
And I thank my lucky stars daily
That I get to see your face.

In your eyes, I see a reflection
Of the love that we share,
And every time I look into them,
I am reminded just how much you care.

The way you move, the way you speak,
The very sound of your voice,
Fills my heart with joy and wonder,
And makes my soul rejoice.

I am grateful for the love we share,
For the moments, we spend together,
And for the gift of your presence,
Which makes every day better.

So, my love, as you read these words,
Know that you are the queen of my heart,
The one whom I cherish every day,
And the one who sets my world alight.

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