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Love Poems For Her

Sweet Dreams: 10 Goodnight Poems for Her to Drift Off to Sleep

Sweet Dreams my Love – Romantic Goodnight Poems for Her

Welcome to our collection of Goodnight Poems for Her! Whether you’re looking to send a sweet message to your girlfriend or wife, or just want to express your love and affection to that special someone in your life, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of romantic and heartfelt poems. From short and sweet to long and lyrical, these poems are sure to make her heart skip a beat and put a smile on her face before she drifts off to sleep. So why wait? Explore our collection of Goodnight Poems for Her and find the perfect words to let your love shine tonight!

Short Poems

1. “Serenade”

Softly whispers the gentle breeze
As the stars twinkle above
My heart sings a lullaby
Sending you sweet dreams, my love

2. “Nighttime Muse”

Moonlight dances around you
As you rest your sweet head
In your dreams, may I be your muse
Inspiring your heart, your soul fed

3. “Sleep Tight”

Close your eyes, my darling
Let peaceful dreams take flight
May your slumber be serene
Sleep tight, my love, goodnight

4. “Midnight Kiss”

As the clock strikes twelve
I send a kiss, just for you
Filled with all my love and warmth
To carry you through till morning’s dew

Medium Poems

Midnight Whispers

As the night falls and the stars dance above
I am swept away by thoughts of love
I whisper sweet nothings into the air
Hoping my message will find you there

In your dreams, I hope to appear
And hold you close without any fear
My love for you never fades
And in the night, it cascades

So let these whispers be heard
My love for you cannot be deterred
Sleep well, my darling, and be sure
That my love for you will forever endure

A Perfect Night

The moon shines brightly in the sky
As I gaze into your mesmerizing eyes
The stars twinkle and the world is still
All my worries, they seem to chill

Wrapped in each other’s arms
Feeling safe from any harm
This moment feels like eternity
A perfect night for you and me

Your warmth and your soothing touch
Makes me feel like I love you so much
In this moment, everything feels right
And I know that with you, tonight, I’ll sleep tight

So let’s cherish this moment and never let go
For I know, this love will always grow
May our love be like this perfect night
Forever shining, forever bright.

Long Poems

Sleep Sweetly, My Love

Sleep sweetly, my love, and close those eyes,
As I watch over you, the night sky replies.
The stars above keep watch with me,
Whispering lullabies so gently.

Dreams of us, of love and joy,
Of laughter and memories we’ll enjoy.
May you find peace and solace tonight,
As I hold you close till the morning light.

In the quiet of the night, I’ll cherish you,
Admiring your beauty, your soul anew.
I thank the heavens for bringing you to me
And for the love that we share so pure and free.

Rest well, my love, till the morning dew,
For with you, my heart is forever true.
May the angels protect you throughout the night,
And bring you back to my loving sight.

Sleep sweetly, my love, and drift away,
For tomorrow is a brand new day.
With a heart full of love, I bid you goodnight,
And look forward to seeing your morning light.

Lullaby for My Sleeping Beauty

As the moon casts its silvery light,
I peer at you, my heart’s delight.
You rest so soundly, so peaceful and free,
And I’m grateful for this sight to see.

Your gentle breaths, so rhythmic and slow,
Are like a song that soothes my soul.
In dreams, you wander, far and wide,
And I’m here, by your side.

I stroke your hair, so soft and fine,
As I watch you in this blissful shrine.
You look like an angel, pure and divine,
And my heart swells with love, that’s all mine.

I whisper sweet nothings into your ear,
As I kiss your cheek, so dear.
You smile in sleep, as if you could hear,
And my love for you grows, without any fear.

I promise to protect you, always and forever,
To cherish you, and leave you never.
To hold you close, and never let go,
To love you more, than you’ll ever know.

Sleep well, my beautiful, rest your head,
Close your eyes, and dream of what’s ahead.
I’ll be here, to keep you safe,
And to love you, beyond time and space.

So, sleep tight, my sweet sleeping beauty,
In my arms, you’ll have all eternity.
I love you more than words can say,
And I’ll be here, till the break of day.

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