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Loss and Grief

Forever Remembered: Still Born Baby Poems for Healing Hearts

Remembering our angels: Heartfelt stillborn baby poems for those who left us too soon

Welcome to our page dedicated to still born baby poems. While the topic is undoubtedly sensitive, we hope to provide a range of heartfelt and sincere poems that touch on the pain and grief associated with still born births. We understand the immense loss and sadness that accompanies such an event and aim to provide a small source of comfort for those who may be struggling. Our collection includes various styles and forms of poetry, so we hope you can find solace in at least one. Let us honor and remember the little angels who left us too soon.

Short Poems

1. “Silent Goodbye”
Your tiny hands that never got to hold
Our hopes and dreams you left untold
With tearful eyes we say goodbye
Our precious baby, in wings you’ll fly

2. “Eternal Love”
Though fate never granted us a chance
To see you live and laugh, dance and prance
Our love for you will never diminish
Forever in our hearts, you shall flourish

3. “Empty Arms”
The emptiness in our arms and heart
Feels like our worlds are torn apart
We long to hear your cry, your laughter
But our angel, you’ve gone to the ever after

4. “Unanswered Questions”
Questions unanswered, our hearts in shreds
A future that we’ll never get to see ahead
We ask “why” with sorrow and pain
Yet find solace in knowing you’re free from any stain.

Medium Poems

Forever in Our Hearts

Tiny little fingers,
Feet that won’t walk,
Eyes that won’t open,
And a heart that stopped.

We held you and cried,
As we said our goodbyes,
Our precious angel,
Taken too soon from our lives.

Though we’ll never see you grow,
We’ll always love you so,
You’ll forever be in our hearts,
Our beautiful little soul.

Gone Too Soon

We waited nine months to see your face,
But now our hearts are filled with empty space,
The pain of losing you is almost too much to bear,
But we know you’re in heaven, in God’s loving care.

Gone too soon, without a chance to thrive,
We’ll always wonder what it would’ve been like,
To watch you grow, to hear your cries,
And be there to dry your tears when you’re feeling shy.

Our precious little one, our hearts will ache,
But we’ll always remember the love we’ll forever make,
You left us too soon, but you’ll always be,
The most special part of our family.

Long Poems

Silent Blessings

Tiny hands, tiny feet,
My little one, so pure and sweet.
Soft skin, peaceful sleep,
Why did God your soul keep?

My arms ache to hold you near,
To whisper promises, calm your fear.
But all I’m left with is an empty space,
And tears that stream down my face.

You were too fragile for this world,
But in Heaven, my precious pearl.
I take comfort in knowing you’re safe,
Your tiny heart beating with grace.

Although you never took a breath,
You’ve left a mark that will never digress.
Our love for you will always remain,
And your memory forever sustain.

My little angel, though you couldn’t stay,
You brought us love in every way.
I’ll hold you in my heart and dreams,
Until the day we’re together, it seems.

Silent blessings, you continue to give,
Your legacy of love will forever live.

Lifeless Love

Lifeless in my arms lies my little one,
Silent and still, my heart undone.
A baby who never took a breath,
Left this world before we met.

I can’t help but wonder who you’d be,
A smile, a laugh, a son or daughter to me.
I ache for every milestone you’ll miss,
Every moment we won’t get to kiss.

Your room was ready, your crib was set,
Our dreams shattered with one small breath.
We’ll never know the sound of your cries,
Or hold your hand as you reach for the skies.

But in our memories, you’ll live on,
A love so strong, never truly gone.
We’ll hold onto every moment we had,
And cherish the love that will never be bad.

You’ll always be our precious child,
One who left the world far too wild.
We’ll keep you close to our hearts,
And wrap you in love that will never be apart.

So rest in peace, our little one,
A love so pure, never really gone.
We’ll carry your memory with love and pride,
And keep you forever by our side.

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