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Loss and Grief

Absent Father: Poems About Dad Not Being There

Fatherless Pain: Poems about the Absence of a Dad

Welcome to our collection of poems about dads not being there! While the topic may be a bit heavier, we’re here to add a little bit of wit and humor to the mix. On this page, you’ll find a range of poems from heartfelt and emotional to sarcastic and sassy. So, whether you’re looking for a poem to help you heal from a distant relationship or just want to commiserate with others who understand, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Short Poems

1. “Empty Chair”
Every holiday, we gather ’round
But there’s an empty chair
Dad’s not here, he can’t be found
And it’s just not fair

2. “Absent From My Life”
Growing up without a dad
Makes every day feel so sad
He’s absent from my life
And it cuts my heart like a knife

3. “Missing Out”
Dad’s not here to see me grow
To teach me things I need to know
He’s missing out on so much
And I miss his loving touch

4. “Fatherless Heart”
I may have grown without a dad
But that doesn’t mean my heart’s not sad
I know he loved me from afar
But a fatherless heart still bears a scar.

Medium Poems

1. “Absence”

Dad, where are you now?
I look around and wonder how
You could simply disappear
Without another word or tear.

Days turn into weeks and months,
My heart aches with the painful punch
Of not having one so dear
By my side, to hold me near.

I try to understand
Why you wouldn’t take my hand
And guide me through life’s endless strife,
But instead just left me, absent from my life.

2. “Missing Pieces”

There’s a hole in my heart
That no one can fill,
No matter how much I try,
Time and time again.

Dad, you were that piece
That should have been there,
To laugh and to cry
With me when things got tough.

But you were gone,
And careless words were all that’s left,
Echoes of your absence
As I try to piece together what’s left.

3. “The Invisible Man”

Sometimes, I pretend
You are still here with me.
But reality hits hard
And those illusions flit away like the breeze.

Dad, you gave us your laugh
But never your tears.
We never knew your fears,
Or the pain that kept you stored away.

Now, you’re just a memory,
A faded face in a photograph,
A voice that we barely remember.
And with each passing year
Your memories slowly disappear.

Long Poems

My Absent Father

He was supposed to be my rock,
My protector, my guide, my dad.
But instead, all I got was a shock,
As I realized he wasn’t there, not even a tad.

I grew up with an empty space,
Where a father’s love should have been.
Nothing to replace his embrace,
No comforting voice and no warm grin.

I saw other kids with their dads,
And I envied them with all my heart.
As I watched them play and have fun with lads,
I wished I too could have had a fresh start.

But no, my dad was nowhere to be found,
He chose to walk away from me.
I never heard a single sound,
As he left me to my destiny.

I tried to reach out and connect,
To call him on the phone or write.
But all my attempts had no effect,
My dad was absent, out of sight.

Years passed by, and I grew up fast,
But his absence still stung like a bee.
I wondered why he couldn’t love me, at last,
Or at least, be there for me.

As I started my own family,
I promised myself to be different.
To give my kids all the love and security,
To be there for them, every moment.

But still, there were times when I would cry,
And wish my dad was by my side.
To see the stars up in the sky,
And share with me, the joy and pride.

I know, now, I cannot change the past,
Or even make my dad come back.
But I can choose to move on, at last,
And cut this endless loop of a hack.

I will cherish the memories I have,
And learn from the lessons he taught.
I will try to forgive and forget the bad,
And focus on the love that I’ve got.

So, dad, wherever you are,
Know that I hold no grudge or hate.
I have come so far,
And gained strength from your mistakes.

You may not have been the dad I wished for,
But you are the one that I got.
And though it hurts, and it makes me sore,
I choose to forgive and forget, a lot.

For I have learned that the power of love,
Can overcome all pain and hurt.
And that, with help from above,
I can heal, and life can be assert.

So, goodbye, dad, and thank you, too,
For the lessons and the scars.
I have come so far, in spite of you,
And I am proud of who I am, by far.

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