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Loss and Grief

Remembering Our Angels: Poems on Infant Loss – 1LovePoems

Remembering Our Little Angels: Heartfelt Poems of Infant Loss

Welcome to our Infant Loss Poems page on 1LovePoems! We understand how difficult it is to cope with the loss of a precious little one, and we hope our collection of poems can offer some solace to those who are trying to heal. From heartbreaking verses that tug at your heartstrings to uplifting pieces that celebrate the memory of your little one, our page comprises a range of emotions and themes. So, if you’re looking for words of comfort or want to express your feelings through poetry, take a deep breath and explore our selection. We promise it won’t be all tears – we’ll sprinkle a bit of humor and wit to help you smile through the pain.

Short Poems

1. “Tiny Angel”
Tiny Angel, so pure and new,
Our hearts ache, bidding you adieu.
Gone too soon, but still so loved,
Rest now, little one, in heaven above.

2. “Heartbreak”
Unbearable pain and endless tears,
Our broken hearts will never heal over the years.
Memories of you will never fade,
In our hearts, your love will forever be displayed.

3. “Never Forgotten”
Though you left us, we’ll never forget,
The light you brought and the love we met.
Your memory will live on in our hearts,
Guiding us through life’s toughest parts.

4. “Healing Begins”
Though the pain may never truly leave,
With each passing day, we learn to grieve.
Our love for you will never fade,
As we find strength in memories we’ve made.

Medium Poems

1. “Gone too Soon”
Tiny fingers, tiny toes
A little one so pure and new
But now you’re gone, our hearts in throes
We can’t believe it’s true

Your smile was but a glimmer
Your laughter just a dream
Now life feels like a dimmer
Without you, it’s not what it seems

We’ll never see you grow up
Never hold your hand
But in our hearts, you’ll never stop
Being a part of our band

Rest easy, sweet angel
Your memory will remain
Our love for you, it’s never dull
Forever, in our hearts you’ll reign

2. “Silent Tears”
The room is so still, so quiet
A stillness that screams loud
The pain we feel, we can’t hide it
Our hearts wear a shroud

We hold your tiny onesie
And breathe in your sweet scent
How could this be, how can it be
That we had you for such a short stint

Our arms are empty, our hearts too
We ache for what could’ve been
The dreams we had, they’ll never come true
Our tears, they fall like sin

But we’re not alone, we’ll never be
Many have felt this pain
We’ll hold on to each other, we’ll see
And together, we’ll find rainbows in the rain.

Long Poems

A Heartbreaking Goodbye

We said our farewell much too soon
A little life that ended too soon
A tiny hand that will never grow
A soul that’s flown away to go

We had so much to give and share
A lifetime’s worth of love to bear
But fate dealt us a cruel blow
A heart-wrecking goodbye, so hard to know

A star that shone just for a moment
Never to fade, forever monumental
A dream that was cut short too soon
A love that will never meet the moon

No words can truly express the pain
No tears can wash away that stain
Our arms aching for that lost embrace
Our hearts longing to see that sweet face

We must find the strength to move on
To keep that angel’s memory strong
And though they’re no longer by our side
Their spirit will always abide

So dear one, though you’re not here
We’ll love you always, the end is near
And though we’ll never hold you tight
We’ll always cherish your guiding light.

Mourning for the Little One

There once was a little one so pure and bright,
Brought into this world with all our might,
Our hearts filled with hope and love so true,
Dreaming of all the joys we would pursue.

But fate had other plans in store,
Our little angel was no more,
Taken from us before we could say,
All the words we had planned that day.

Our tears fell like a river,
As we stared at this tiny quiver,
A little hand that will never grow,
A little voice we will never know.

All the dreams we had in mind,
All the plans for future time,
Suddenly lost in one swift breath,
And we are left in pain and death.

We mourn for the little one who never did grow,
Whose sweet little smile we will never know,
We grieve the loss of a life so short,
And all the memories we never got.

But in our hearts we hold a flame,
A love that will always remain,
For the little one who came and went,
A precious soul that God has sent.

And though our hearts are filled with sorrow,
We know that our little one will always glow,
In the heavens above, a brighter star,
Watching over us from afar.

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