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Loss and Grief

Sorrowful Verses: Poems About Suicide Death

Voices Silenced: Poems About the Tragicity of Suicide and Death

Welcome to 1LovePoems! This is the page where we explore the complexities of suicide death through the art of poetry. It’s a heavy topic, but we promise to approach it with a mix of sensitivity and humor. From heart-wrenching elegies to light-hearted reflections, you’ll find a range of poems here that touch on the subject of suicide. We believe these poems offer a space for both catharsis and contemplation. So, sit back, grab a tissue or two, and dive in.

Short Poems

A Desperate Choice

Darkness envelopes the mind,
Despair consumes the soul,
A life once cherished, now declined,
A pain too great to console.

A desperate choice, made in the night,
The end, the only release,
A fate accepted, without a fight,
And a soul set free, at last, in peace.

Final Goodbye

Death comes like a welcome relief,
When life is an endless pain,
And hopelessness and grief,
Are all that remain.

The end is a welcome friend,
When the heart can take no more,
The mind is at last set free,
As the soul, to heaven, soars.

Silent Scream

The silent scream of a troubled mind,
Echoes through the night,
The pain, the hurt, the anguish,
Too much for one to fight.

The darkness closes in,
As despair takes its hold,
And in the end, the only sin,
Is the one that will never be told.

Lost to the Void

Lost to the void, the sweet release,
Of a life that was too much to bear,
A soul at peace, forever released,
From the pain that it could no longer share.

The light fades, as the darkness grows,
And the world fades from sight,
But in the end, the soul knows,
It has finally found the light.

Medium Poems

Suicidal Thoughts

My mind is a prison,
Trapped by my own thoughts.
Darkness is my companion,
And pain my constant haunt.

I long for the sweet release
Of death’s final embrace.
To end this endless nightmare,
And find a peaceful place.

The world is a cruel place,
Full of lies and hate.
No one truly understands,
The burden of my fate.

But in the end, it’s my choice,
To end this life of pain.
To leave this world behind,
And never feel again.

The Aftermath of Suicide

A life once full of hope,
Now forever lost.
A soul that couldn’t cope,
At an unimaginable cost.

Grief weighs heavily on those,
Left behind to mourn.
The pain is like a knife,
Constantly being torn.

Questions unanswered,
Memories untold.
A future once bright,
Now forever cold.

But even in the darkness,
A glimmer of hope appears.
For those left behind,
Their love conquers the fears.

The memories never fade,
But the pain does slowly heal.
For those left behind,
Life again can become real.

Long Poems

The Tempting Grip of Death

The wind whispers in my ear,
Inviting me to take a leap of fear,
To sink into the depths of darkness,
Where my troubles and pain will be less.

My life is but a hollow shell,
My heart aches, my soul a rebel,
I tire of the daily grind,
I yearn for a peace I cannot find.

My mind is a vortex of despair,
My thoughts, a never-ending snare,
The weight of life is too much to bear,
I’m done with living, I cannot care.

Death beckons me with open arms,
Promising to end all my harms,
To take me to a place unknown,
Where I won’t have to face this stone.

But the thought of leaving those I love,
The pain it would cause, the grief thereof,
The memories I’d leave behind,
Is not a price I can be blind.

I must find strength to fight this urge,
To end my life, to end this scourge,
To find a reason to live again,
To find a way to ease the pain.

For though death may seem like a release,
It cannot bring me ultimate peace,
For life is worth living, worth the fight,
Even when the world seems darkest at night.

So I will hold on to every breath,
And try to push away the tempting grip of death,
And though the road ahead may be rough,
I know in my heart, it will be enough.

The Darkest Night

As I lay here in bed, consumed by fear
The voices in my head are all I hear
They tell me that I’m worthless, that I should die
And with each passing moment, I begin to cry

I cannot bear the weight of this pain
The darkness in my heart is all that remains
I reach for the pills, the blade, anything
To end this overwhelming suffering

But as I take that final, fleeting breath
I realize that it’s not worth my death
There’s beauty in this world, though hard to see
And things that make life worth living free

The love of a friend, the warmth of the sun
The simple joys that make life fun
The hope of tomorrow, a new day
A chance to find a different way

Though the storm may rage within my mind
And the pain may linger, hard to find
I know that I’m not alone in this fight
For on the other side of darkness is the brightest light

So as I lay here, struggling to survive
I choose to stand up, to fight, to thrive
For though the darkest night may seem so cruel
The dawn of a new day is always the rule.

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