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Loss and Grief

Relationship Falling Apart: Poems of Heartbreak and Loss

Love in Ruins: Poems of a Relationship Falling Apart

Welcome to our page dedicated to poems about relationships falling apart. Whether it’s the flames of love fizzling out or a bond once strong now crumbling, we have a range of poems that capture the emotions of a relationship falling apart. From heart-wrenching verses to a bit of dark humor, we’ve got it all covered. So sit back, grab a box of tissues or a bottle of wine, and enjoy these poems about love gone awry. We promise to make you feel better, or at least give you a laugh or two.

Short Poems

1. Fading Away
Our love once burned so bright,
But now it flickers and dies.
The passion we once knew,
Now just a distant surprise.

2. Crumbling Foundation
Our foundation was strong,
But over time it has cracked.
Our unity that was once so fierce,
Now simply a broken pact.

3. Growing Apart
We used to be so close,
But now we’re miles apart.
Our love has faded away,
Leaving only a broken heart.

4. Uncontrollable Drift
We used to be in sync,
But now we’re drifting away.
Our love that once felt so strong,
Now feels like a game we must play.

Medium Poems

1. “Cracks and Fissures”
Our love was once a solid thing,
Strong and pure with passion’s sting.
But now it’s cracking, falling apart,
Shifting and breaking like a fragile heart.

We tried to fix the cracks we saw,
But the fissures widened and became raw.
Our love was once a beacon in the dark,
But now it’s dimming, leaving its mark.

We both knew this day would come,
When we no longer felt the love we had begun.
Our hearts are breaking, but we’ll move on,
And find the love we once had, but now it’s gone.

2. “The Silent Chasm”
Silent nights and empty stares,
Memories of love that no longer shares.
We both sit in silence, the chasm wide
Knowing the love we once had has died.

The hurt and pain we both feel,
We cannot express, but we know it’s real.
Our love once strong and bright,
Has now faded into the night.

We knew this time would come,
When we’d both feel like we’re on the run.
But we must face it, and move on,
And remember the love that’s now gone.

3. “The Distance Between Us”
The distance between us feels like a great divide,
Our love once strong and fierce, we cannot hide.
The hours and days we spend apart,
Is tearing at the seams of our heart.

We used to be one, always side by side,
But now it seems our love has to hide.
The uncertainty and doubts we now face,
Is causing us to fall from grace.

We must work hard to save our love,
And find the strength to rise above.
The distance between us, we can bridge,
And once again, become a loving couple, not just a merge.

Long Poems

The Unraveling of Us

We used to be so intertwined
Our love was like a work of art
But now it feels like we’re confined
In a cage, with a broken heart

The little things we used to do
To show each other we care
Have all but disappeared, it’s true
And now there’s only cold air

We used to talk until the dawn
And hold each other through the night
But now the silence lingers on
In this love that’s lost its light

The passion that we once shared
Is now a distant memory
We try to show that we still cared
But it’s clear it’s not meant to be

Our dreams and plans no longer align
A rift has formed, a great divide
We’re grasping at what we define
As our love continues to subside

We try to force the love we had
More like an obligation
We act as if we’re not that sad
That it’s become a mere relation

The fights have become more frequent
And the apologies ring hollow
The love we shared is now stagnant
Our hearts just too hard to follow

The trust has been slowly eroding
And the wounds they don’t seem to heal
Our relationship is corroding
And we can’t seem to find the seal

It’s like we’re walking on a thin line
And one of us is bound to fall
We try to keep our love alive
But we’re just different after all

It hurts to see us falling apart
Our love story doesn’t seem complete
We tried to mend each other’s heart
But now it’s time for us to retreat

To the hopes and dreams we used to share
I hope they find us both in time
Until then, I’ll hold back the tears
As our love unravels, line by line.

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