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Loss and Grief

Missing You: Heartfelt Poems of Love and Longing

Longing for Your Presence: Poems About Missing Someone You Love

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we understand the feeling of missing someone more than anyone else. We’ve compiled a range of poems on the topic, because let’s be honest – we’ve all been there. Whether you’re missing someone who’s moved away, or your special someone who’s just stepped out to grab some milk, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy our witty and heartfelt poems about missing someone you love.

Short Poems

1. “Empty Bed”

Your side of the bed,
Is empty every night.
I never knew such loneliness,
Could exist without a fight.

2. “Quiet Nights”

The nights are so quiet,
Without your voice to hear.
The stars above seem dim,
When you’re not near.

3. “Memories”

Memories of you,
Seem to fill my mind.
I cling to them closely,
Longing for the love I’ll never find.

4. “Heartache”

My heart aches each day,
For the love that’s not here.
I’ll keep missing you,
Until you are once again near.

Medium Poems

1. “Echoes”

Memories reverberate in my mind,
Like echoes of the past.
I fight the tears that I need to shed
As I remember you at last.

Your voice still echoes in my ear,
Though you are now far away.
My heart aches for you to be near,
But all I can do is pray.

Every step I take feels incomplete,
Every breath feels like a sigh.
Without you, the world seems incomplete,
And I wonder why we said goodbye.

2. “Longing”

Distance separates us now,
But it can’t erase the love we shared.
I yearn to touch you once again
And feel the warmth that we once paired.

The nights are long and endless,
And my heart beats slow and steady.
Every moment seems like a test,
As I long for you to hold steady.

I miss your laughter and your grace,
The way you made everyday brighter.
I long for your sweet embrace
And the safety that came thereafter.

3. “Solitude”

Alone in my room, I sit and weep
With the memories I keep.
I stare at your pictures endlessly
And mourn the moments that did flee.

The emptiness I feel is profound,
A void that can’t be dulled or drowned.
Life goes on, they say, and it’s true
But how can I when I miss you?

I long for the sound of your voice
The way you filled my life with noise.
Now silence prevails, a constant friend,
As I sit alone to the bitter end.

Long Poems

Counting the Days

Counting the days until I see your face
Missing your warmth and sweet embrace
The distance between us seems so vast
Longing for the love that used to last

Every night I close my eyes and pray
That tomorrow will bring you my way
Wanting to hold you and never let go
Yearning for the love that only we know

As I go through my daily routine
My thoughts of you make me feel serene
The memories we shared flood my mind
Leaving me wanting, leaving me blind

I pick up the phone to hear your voice
To feel connected, to make a choice
To tell you how much you mean to me
And how I long for us to be free

But as I hear the dial tone ring
My heart sinks as my phone won’t sing
And the void between us seems so wide
Leaving me feeling empty inside

Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months
The longing for you always haunts
But even though we may be apart
My love for you will never depart

So I’ll keep counting the days until
We can fill the void with love that’s real
Knowing that no matter the space
Our love will never lose its grace.

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