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Loss and Grief

Betrayal Poems: Painful Expressions of Broken Trust

Broken Trust: Poems of Betrayal and Heartbreak

Welcome to our collection of poems about betrayal. Whether you have been betrayed by a friend, a lover, or even yourself, we have a range of poems that capture the emotions and complexities of the experience. From anger and hurt to forgiveness and moving on, our poets have explored it all. So come along on this journey of discovering the different facets of betrayal, all while enjoying some moderately witty verse.

Short Poems

1. “Deceived”
My trust was a gift
Given with an open heart
But you played a game

2. “Broken Vows”
Promises once strong
Now shattered on the ground
Betrayal tears us apart

3. “Betrayal’s Sting”
Like a bee’s sharp sting
Your betrayal numbs my soul
Forever burned in my heart

4. “Fading Friendship”
Our bond once so strong
Now fades like a distant flame
Betrayal severs ties.

Medium Poems

1. The Sting of Betrayal

Betrayal is a poison
that seeps into the soul
A sting that stays with you
And never seems to go

It starts as a whisper
A doubt or a fear
A feeling in your gut
That something isn’t clear

Then it grows and festers
And eats you from inside
A venom that spreads
And you cannot hide

The sting of betrayal
Is a wound that won’t heal
A pain that stays with you
And can never be sealed

But with time and perspective
We can begin to see
That betrayal is a lesson
And sets us all free

2. The Betrayer’s Lament

I did what I did
And I cannot take it back
The betrayal I’ve caused
Is something I can’t hack

I thought it was the right thing
At least at the time
But now with hindsight
I see that I’ve crossed a line

The guilt is overwhelming
It eats me alive
I know I should have acted
In a way that was right

I’m sorry for the pain
I know I’ve caused to you
I wish I could undo
All the things that I’ve done too

But all I can do now
Is try and make it right
And hope that one day
I’ll be forgiven in your sight

Long Poems

The Pain of Betrayal

Betrayal, the sharp blade that cuts deep,
Wounds that fester, never letting you sleep,
Trust shattered in an instant’s snap,
Leaves one feeling lost, vulnerable and trapped.

How could they have done this to me,
Betrayed my trust and left me be,
My heart heavy, burdened with pain,
All the love and trust, now drained.

Expectations shattered, hopes in ash,
Illusions of happiness, a distant past,
A part of me dies, a scar that never heals,
A wound that bleeds, that never seals.

The one I believed in, my rock, my friend,
Their betrayal a thing that never will end,
Did love mean nothing, was trust just a word,
A promise they broke, a trust absurd.

The pain of betrayal, a heavy load,
Leaves you alone, on a lonely road,
All the promises, now just words in vain,
Realization hits, that trust they feign.

Betrayal leaves a scar on your soul,
A wound that never truly consoles,
The pain runs deep, and the bitterness stings,
A loyal heart, now wearing the pain it brings.

Still, rise you must, reclaim the trust,
Open your heart, let it again bust,
Forgetting not, the wounds that are still raw,
Betrayal dealt, a reminder and a flaw.

In conclusion, betrayal always hurts,
A painful truth, a sad exert,
But do not let it take root, within,
For we all deserve love, trust and kin.

The Deception

Betrayal, thy name is pain
From the one I trusted, my heart was slain
My soul shattered, my trust abused
All the love that once flowed now refused

What happened to the promises made
The vows sworn and the love displayed
All replaced by deceit and lies
Leaving me in a world of sighs

The pain I endured is beyond measure
Lost in a world of infinite pressure
The lies that came so easily
Left me struggling in agony

How could one who claimed to love me
Be the same one who caused me to seek therapy
In pains I found myself submerged
By the one I thought could be trusted

The deceptions were almost perfect
But deep inside my heart, I refuse to forget
All the kind words and loving embrace
Is now replaced with coldness and disgrace

Though my heart is hurting, I will survive
Forgetting the past, I’ll have to strive
For a brighter tomorrow, I’ll keep on searching
Never again to be fooled by false loving

Emptiness remains, where love once was
And in the end, it’s just because
I was betrayed, hurt, and shoved
By one who claimed to be in love.

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