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Loss and Grief

Moving On Poems – Letting Go of the Past with Empowering Words

Broken Hearts to Healed Souls: Moving On Poems

Time to get a move on? We’ve got just the thing. Our collection of moving on poems will hit the spot whether you’re heartbroken, need a fresh start, or just want to bid adieu to the past. We’ve got a range of poems here to suit every mood, from the deeply emotional to the hilariously relatable. So grab a tissue or get ready to laugh – whatever you need, you’ll find it here as you turn a new leaf and move on from what’s been holding you back.

Short Poems

1. “Goodbye”
You were my love, my life, my all
But now it’s time for me to stand tall
I must leave you and say goodbye
Though my heart aches and I want to cry
The memories we made I’ll always hold
But it’s time for me to be bold

2. “Moving On”
It’s time to start a brand new chapter
My heart is healing, I’m feeling clearer
The past is gone, it’s time to move on
And focus on what’s here and strong
I’ll shed my old skin and rise again
With hope and joy, instead of pain

3. “Freedom”
The chains have been broken, I’m finally free
From the shackles of an unhealthy history
I’m no longer weighed down by the past
And every new moment is one that will last
I celebrate my newfound freedom
With open arms, and no need to pretend

4. “Embracing Change”
Change can be scary, but it’s inevitable
With each new shift, we become more capable
I’ll embrace the unknown and let it guide me
With each new challenge, I’ll rise and
That growth is possible when we let go
And trust the journey, wherever it may go.

Medium Poems

1. “Goodbye”:

Goodbye my love,
I’ll miss you dearly,
But I know it’s time
To move on clearly.

Our time together
Was beautiful and bright,
But we grew apart
And it’s time to take flight.

I’ll treasure the memories
And the love we had,
But I must say goodbye
And start to feel glad.

For new beginnings
And a brighter day,
Goodbye my love,
I’ll be on my way.

2. “Moving On”:

It’s time to move on,
To leave the past behind,
It’s time to start anew
And be unconfined.

I’ve learned from my mistakes
And the struggles in my past,
I’ve grown and I’m stronger
And ready to last.

There’s a world of opportunities
Waiting ahead,
A new journey to embark on
And be well-read.

So I’ll say goodbye
To what once was me,
And embrace the new
And all that it can be.

3. “The Next Chapter”:

The next chapter in life
Is an open book,
With blank pages waiting
For a new look.

I’ll paint my story
With colors and joy,
I’ll embrace change
And never be coy.

The next chapter is mine
To write as I please,
I’ll seize the day
And feel at ease.

For life is an adventure
Full of twists and turns,
And the next chapter
Is where my heart yearns.

Long Poems

Moving On

Verse 1:
I stand here with a heavy heart,
My mind is clouded, my vision is blurred.
Memories of you still linger,
Long after our love has been interred.

Verse 2:
We walked together down the aisle,
Promised each other a lifetime of love.
But somewhere on this journey,
We lost sight of the things we spoke of.

Verse 3:
We tried hard to make it work,
Hoping that love was enough.
But the more we tried to fix it,
The more we seemed to give up.

Verse 4:
We drifted apart, our love turned to hate,
And our once bright future turned dark.
We fought and we argued, we hurled insults,
But we could never again light the spark.

Verse 5:
I mourn the loss of what we had,
The laughter and the shared dreams.
But I know now that it’s time to let go,
Of the pain, the hurt, and the screams.

Verse 6:
I’ll pack my bags with a heavy heart,
And leave behind the memories we made.
I’ll start anew, with hope in my soul,
And move on to a new decade.

Verse 7:
Who knows what the future holds,
But I’m excited for what’s next.
I’ll keep moving forward, leaving the past behind,
And creating a life that’s complex.

Verse 8:
So goodbye to the love that failed,
And goodbye to the tears that fell.
I’ll cherish the lessons that I learned,
And hope that one day, I’ll love again well.

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