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Loss and Grief

Forever in Our Hearts: Miss You Dad Poems

Remembering Dad: Heartfelt Poems for Those Missing a Father

Welcome to our page dedicated to Miss You Dad Poems. Losing a dad is one of the most difficult things that can happen to someone. The pain and emptiness can feel overwhelming. But sometimes, expressing yourself through poetry can help you cope with your emotions. Here on 1LovePoems, we have compiled a range of poems that capture the love, longing, and memories associated with missing your dad. From heartfelt to sassy, we have a poem for every mood. So, read on and find solace in the words of these beautifully crafted Miss You Dad Poems. After all, sometimes the best way to heal a broken heart is through poetry.

Short Poems

1. “Absent Father”
Absent father, gone too soon
Leaving us with memories strewn
Days without you, empty and blue
Wishing we had more time with you

2. “In My Heart”
Though you’ve left this earthly place
Your love remains, it can’t erase
Every moment that we shared
You will always be a part of me, I swear

3. “Remembering You”
Remembering you hurts so much
But it also brings peace to my soul
For in my memories, you will always be
My dear dad, forever and whole

4. “Longing for You”
Longing for you, dad, every day
Wishing it was different, finding no way
Yet despite the pain, I hold on
To the love you gave, never gone.

Medium Poems

Memories of You

Memories of you flood my mind
In quiet moments, they are kind
But when I miss you most of all
They make me ache with grief’s enthrall

I close my eyes and see your face
The lines and wrinkles time did trace
I hear your laughter in my ears
And wish that you were still right here

You taught me so much, I’m still learning
The lessons of your life still burning
Within my soul, a guiding light
That helps me through the darkest night

I know that you’re not truly gone
Your legacy forever lives on
And though I miss you every day
I thank you for the love you gave.

On Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, my heart is full
Of longing for your presence, Dad
I wish that I could hear your voice
And feel your hand upon my head

I think of all the times we shared
The laughter, tears and everything
And though you’re not here with me now
Your love is still a shining beam

I try to honor you each day
With every choice that I make right
But sometimes I fall short, it’s true
And miss you then with all my might

But on this special day of days
I want to say how much I care
And hope that you can hear my words
And know that you are cherished there.

Long Poems

In Memory of You, Dad

It’s been some time since you’ve been gone
Time has moved forward, but my heart is withdrawn
I close my eyes and see your face
All the memories we shared, they can’t be erased

I remember when you used to tuck me in at night
The sound of your voice, everything felt right
I remember the times when we laughed and played
Those happy moments, I deeply crave

But now the silence weighs heavy on me
Without you around, it’s hard to be happy
I find myself lost and without direction
In need of your guidance and affection

Although you are not here physically
I still feel your love surrounding me
It gives me strength to face each day
Knowing that you’ll never truly go away

For you live on in my heart and soul
A cherished memory that will never grow old
I miss you so much, my dear dad
But I am grateful for all the time we had

So I carry on, step by step
With you in my heart, my greatest asset
And though you may no longer be here
Your love will forever be near.

Never Far Away

When I was small, you towered tall,
A superhero to me.
You took me on your shoulders,
And I giggled with glee.

We played games and read books,
And talked about life.
You gave me sage advice,
And showed me wrong from right.

But now you’re gone,
And the pain is deep.
I miss you every day,
And the tears I cannot keep.

Yet, even though you’re not here,
I know you’re never far away.
In the memories we shared,
You live on today.

Your laughter echoes in my mind,
And your smile lights up my heart.
I feel your presence always,
Even when we’re apart.

And so, dear Dad, I thank you,
For all the love you gave.
Even though you’re gone,
You live on in the lives you saved.

I love you and miss you,
More than words can say.
But I’ll hold onto your spirit,
And it will guide me on my way.

So rest in peace, my hero,
And know that wherever I go,
You’re never far away,
In all the love we know.

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