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Loss and Grief

Heartbreak Poems – Expressing the Pain of Lost Love

Shattered Hearts: Poems on the Pain and Struggle of Heartbreak

Going through a heartbreak can be tough, but sometimes the best way to let out those emotions is through poetry. Our Heartbreak Poems page on 1LovePoems offers a range of poems for anyone going through a difficult time in love. From heart-wrenching sonnets to witty limericks, these poems will surely touch your heart or at least make you chuckle a bit. So, wipe away those tears and explore our selection of heartbreak poems now!

Short Poems

The Pain of Love
Your love was like a wildfire,
Raging through my heart,
Leaving ashes and embers behind,
As you tore our love apart.

Invisible Scars
My heart bears the scars,
Of your love and your lies,
Invisible, yet ever-present,
They haunt me as time flies.

Fading Love
Once your love burned bright,
Like stars in the darkest night,
But now it flickers and fades,
Leaving me with an empty space.

A Heart in Pieces
My heart shattered into a million pieces,
As you walked away with ease,
I try to pick up the fragments,
But the pain never seems to cease.

Medium Poems

1. “Lost Love”

Oh, how the heart can ache
When love that was so strong
Just shatters and breaks
And you feel like nothing you do is right
Everything just feels so wrong

The memories still linger
Haunting every waking hour
Tears streak down your face
As you wonder why love turned sour

You try to carry on
Pretending you’re okay
But inside you’re just a lost soul
Longing for love to come your way

2. “Broken Heart”

My heart, once whole and pure
Now lies shattered on the floor
How can you move on
When you just can’t take it anymore?

The pain is deep
It cuts like a knife
You try to find comfort
In the darkness of the night

Broken promises and shattered dreams
Are all that you have left it seems
The love that you once shared
Is now just a distant memory

You pick up the pieces
Trying to put it back together
But deep down you know
It will never be as beautiful as ever

3. “Goodbye Love”

It’s hard to say goodbye
To someone you once loved
The memories will linger on
As you silently pray to the heavens above

The future you once dreamed of
Now crumbles in your hands
The love you thought you would always have
Slips away like grains of sand

The pain is just too much
As your heart slowly breaks in two
You try to find the strength to carry on
But deep inside you know it’s time to say adieu.

Long Poems

Shattered Hearts

Our love was once a tapestry
Woven with threads of gold and silver
But now the threads have come undone
Leaving us with shattered hearts, bitter

The memories we shared together
Are now nothing but painful reminders
Of what we once had and now have lost
Leaving us broken and trying to find answers

Where did we go wrong?
What could we have done differently?
Questions that plague our minds
As we try to cope with our misery

The days drag on, the nights are long
Every moment feels like eternity
We try to move on, to forget the pain
But our hearts refuse to let it be

We try to fill the void with other things
But nothing can replace what we had
We try to love again, but it never feels the same
Leaving us feeling empty and sad

Our love was once a flame burning bright
But now it’s been reduced to ashes and dust
Our hearts may never fully heal
But we have to learn to let go and trust

Trust in ourselves and in the future
That one day we will find love again
Until then, we’ll hold onto our shattered hearts
And try to mend them, even if it’s just a fraction.

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