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Loss and Grief

Abandoned Love: Poems About Letting Go

Giving Up, Yet Finding Strength Within: Poems of Resilience

Welcome to our collection of “Given Up” poems on 1LovePoems! As the title implies, these poems explore the myriad emotions and experiences associated with feeling like you’ve reached the end of your rope. But fear not, dear readers, for our poets have found a way to channel their despair into beautiful, poignant verses that will have you nodding in recognition and appreciation. From heartbreak to career setbacks to existential crises, we cover it all. So sit back, grab a box of tissues (or a bottle of wine), and let these poems remind you that even when it feels like you’ve given up, there’s always a glimmer of hope to be found in creativity and self-expression.

Short Poems

1. “Surrender”
I raise my hands high
In defeat, I acknowledge
I can’t do it alone

2. “Abandonment”
I gave it my all
But you left without a word
Leaving me behind

3. “Resignation”
I accept my fate
A life of solitude awaits
I bow down in peace

4. “Relinquishment”
I release my grip
On the things I cannot change
Freedom in surrender

Medium Poems

I tried so hard to keep it all together
But every obstacle was like a feather
Pushing me down, weighing my soul
Until I could no longer hold control

I gave up on fighting and trying
And embraced the feeling of dying
Letting go of all the fear and pain
Hoping to find peace once again

At first it felt like a defeat
But then I realized it was a retreat
From the battles that drained my spirit
To a space where I could finally hear it

The voice of my true self calling
Guiding me out of the dark and falling
Teaching me to surrender and trust
That life will bring me what I must

I thought I could count on you
To be here when times are blue
To share my joys and my woes
And help me overcome my foes

But you were nowhere to be found
When I needed you to stick around
You left without a word or a trace
Leaving only emptiness in your place

I tried to understand your reasons
And survive the painful seasons
But the truth is you abandoned me
Leaving me with a deep agony

I gave up hope of reconciliation
And accepted the harsh realization
That sometimes people betray and leave
And it’s up to us to grieve and relieve

The wounds that they left behind
And to find a way to be kind
To ourselves and those who stay
Even when we feel alone and astray

There was a time when I felt alive
When I believed I could thrive
When I had people who cared
And a future that seemed fair

But as time went by things changed
And my life got rearranged
The people I loved moved on
And I felt forgotten and withdrawn

I gave up on chasing their approval
And on trying to be the perfect jewel
I realized that life is not a competition
And that happiness is not a conditional mission

I embraced the things that make me unique
And started to practice self-love and critique
I found new passions and communities
And stopped dwelling on outdated opportunities

I learned that being forgotten by some
Doesn’t mean that my life is undone
I can still make a difference and impact
Even if my past is not a perfect contract.

Long Poems

Surrendered Dreams

I’ve given up on the dreams I had,
Those hopes I held so close.
I let go of what once made me glad,
Now I’m surrounded by morose.

The dreams I once held so high,
Seem so far out of reach.
I thought they would lift me up to the sky,
But now they’re just memories to beseech.

I wanted to be an adventurer,
To explore the world and the unknown.
But now I’m just a simple investor,
Settled behind a desk, all alone.

I used to imagine a life filled with love,
A soulmate who’d understand me so well.
But now I’m just content with a simple shove,
A partner who won’t constantly dwell.

I dreamed of being a famous writer,
To make my mark in history.
But now my words seem to flutter,
Without any real sense of victory.

I thought I could conquer the world,
But it seems the world has won.
I’m left here, dreams all unfurled,
Trying to pick up the pieces, undone.

Perhaps giving up isn’t so bad,
If it means finding a new dream.
Something simpler, something that I had,
Just waiting for me like a streaming beam.

So here’s to surrendering my past desires,
And finding a new path to tread.
It may be scary, but it’s what transpires,
When old dreams fall away, new ones ahead.

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