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Loss and Grief

Heartache in Verse: Breakup Poems for the Brokenhearted

Shattered Hearts: Poems for Healing After a Breakup

Ready to cry and let out your inner emotions? Our breakup poem collection is here to help you express your feelings. Whether you’re grieving over a lost love, dealing with the aftermath of a tough break-up or simply looking for a poetic outlet to vent your frustrations, we’ve got you covered. Our range of poems on this topic includes everything from heartbreak and betrayal poems to bittersweet and uplifting odes. So go ahead, take a deep breath and dive into our collection. Who knows, you might just find the words that perfectly sum up what you’ve been feeling all along.

Short Poems

1. “Goodbye Letter”
Dear love,
I must go
My heart can’t bear
To take it slow

I give you this
As my goodbye
Our love has died
I can’t deny

I hope that
In time you’ll see
This is what’s best
For you and me

2. “Lonely Nights”
In the darkness
Of the night
I lay awake
And think of you
My heart is shattered
My soul is blue

The memories we made
Always haunt me
I’m lost without you
Can’t you see?

I know I made
A big mistake
Now I’m left
With lonely nights
That I can’t shake

3. “Moving On”
I know it’s over
Our love has died
But I can’t sit here
And just hide

I must move on
And start anew
I’ll find someone
Who is true

It won’t be easy
I know that’s true
But I refuse
To be blue

4. “The End”
The end has come
Our love is gone
It’s time to say goodbye
And move on

We had our moments
We had our love
But now it’s time
To rise above

I’ll cherish the memories
Of our time together
But now it’s time
To say forever

Goodbye my love
It’s time to depart
I give you my heart
And my broken heart

Medium Poems

Fading Away

I feel like I’m fading away
As you turn your back and walk away
My heart is breaking, crumbling to pieces
As all my hopes and dreams slowly ceases

We were like a beautiful painting
But now we’re just a broken frame
I’m lost and confused, trying to find my way
As my memories of us slowly decay

I’ll try to move on, try to forget
But I know deep down, I’ll always regret
The moments we shared, the love we had
Now it’s all gone, like we never even had.

Empty Promises

Empty promises was all you gave
As my heart yearned for love and care
You left my soul broken and estranged
With memories I cannot bear

You promised me heaven on earth
But all I got were sorrows and tears
You shattered my dreams, crushed my worth
Leaving me with nothing but fears

I gave you my everything
But you took it all for granted
You played with my heart, like a puppet on string
And now I’m left alone, stranded.

Moving On

I’m tired of crying, tired of being sad
It’s time to let go, time to move on
The pain is still raw, but I’m not mad
I’m grateful for the memories we’ve drawn

I’ve learned to cherish the good times we had
And let go of the bad, of the hurt and pain
I’m not bitter, I’m not even mad
It’s time to close this chapter and start again

So here’s to new beginnings, to a brand new day
To rediscovering love, and finding my way
To letting go of the past, and opening new doors
To healing my heart, and loving once more.

Long Poems

The End of Us

Our love was once a fire
A burning, endless flame
But slowly it dwindled
Until it was just a name

The passion we once shared
Now feels like a distant dream
The fights we can’t avoid
And the things we cannot redeem

Our laughter turned to silence
Our whispers turned to shouts
We tried to make it work
But there’s no way around the doubts

And so we come to this
The end of us, our story
Our love once was a wonder
But now it’s lost its glory

We say goodbye with tears
And a heavy heart to bear
But we know that we must go
And find happiness somewhere

We’ll look back at our memories
And think of what we’ve learned
We’ll wish each other well
And hope that one day we’ll be returned

To love, to passion, to fire
To what we once had and more
To a new start, a fresh beginning
And the love we’ve been searching for.

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