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Loss and Grief

Heavenly Poetry: Angels Watching Over Us – 1LovePoems

Angelic Verse: Heavenly Poems for Your Soul’s Delight

Welcome to our celestial collection of Angel in Heaven Poems! Here, at 1LovePoems, we have put together a range of beautifully crafted poems that pay tribute to those we have lost and mourned. Whether you are looking for a heartwarming tribute to a loved one or seeking solace in times of grief, our curated collection of Angel in Heaven Poems is sure to offer some comfort and inspiration. So, sit back, and enjoy the heavenly journey through our amazing range of poems that perfectly encapsulate the eternal love we have for our angels above. Let the words of our poets lift your spirit and bring you closer to your angels in heaven. After all, angels are watching over us!

Short Poems

1. “Eternal Love”
In the heavens above,
An angel watches with love,
Her beloved on Earth below,
Whose heart she’ll always know.

2. “Gone Too Soon”
A precious soul taken,
Leaves the heavens shaken,
But the angel’s love endures,
Inmemories that will always endure.

3. “Guiding Light”
An angel’s light shines bright,
To guide us through the night,
With wings unfurled,
She watches over the world.

4. “Heavenly Rest”
In the arms of an angel,
Lies a soul at heavenly rest,
With love and peace to bless,
Forever in eternal happiness.

Medium Poems

Angel’s Lullaby

The angel in heaven sings
A gentle lullaby
Whispering sweet melodies
As the stars shine in the sky

She watches over all
With tender loving care
And softly sings her song
To ease away each fear

Her voice is like a breeze
That rustles through the leaves
A comforting symphony
That brings a peaceful ease

So close your eyes and rest
In the angel’s gentle arms
For she will watch over you
And protect you from harm

Eternal Guardian

In heaven’s realm above
An angel stands on guard
With wings of purest white
And a heart that beats so hard

She watches over us
In every single way
And shields us from the darkness
That sometimes clouds our day

She sees the good inside
All the people she surveys
And offers purest love
To help us find our way

So when you need a guide
To light your path with grace
Remember your angel friend
Who’ll always keep the pace

Long Poems

Eternal Angel

Oh, sweet angel in heaven above,
Your light shines down on us with love,
Your wings spread wide, so strong and bold,
As you watch over us, young and old.

Your soft voice whispers in our ear,
And we know that you are always near,
To guide us through life’s stormy weather,
And make our paths lighter, smoother, better.

Your beauty is unmatched, your grace divine,
And in your presence, we know we’ll be just fine,
For even though we cannot see your face,
We feel your love, your warmth, your sweet embrace.

You are the star in a dark, endless sky,
The hope that keeps us going, helps us to try,
To be our best, to do what’s right,
And to bring joy to those in need of light.

So thank you, dear angel, for all you do,
For being our protector, our friend, our guide too,
We’ll keep you close in our hearts, forevermore,
And know that your love will lead us to heaven’s door.

An Angel’s Journey to Heaven

Amidst the clouds, in sky so blue,
An angel set out on journey new.
With wings spread wide, she took to flight,
And left the earth, with all its might.

She soared above the mountains tall,
And crossed the seas and valleys small.
She saw the world, with all its beauty,
And felt a sense of sacred duty.

For every wound, for every pain,
She longed to heal, bring sunshine again.
Amidst the wars, amidst the strife,
She spread her love, and touched every life.

She comforted the child, who lost his way,
And showed the path, that led to play.
She consoled the mother, who lost her son,
And helped her see, that life goes on.

She cheered the old, who felt alone,
And gave them hope, to carry on.
She smiled at those, who felt despair,
And filled their hearts, with love and care.

And then, after years of service true,
She looked up, and saw the sky so blue.
She knew her time had come to leave,
And set out on journey, to her home weave.

She flew again, with all her might,
And reached the gates of heaven bright.
The angels welcomed her, with open arms,
And sang praises, in sweetest charms.

She felt a sense of peace and love,
That filled her heart and soul above.
She found her place, amidst the stars,
And smiled down, at those she left afar.

For though she left, her love remains,
And every heart she touched, she reins.
And thus, her journey never ends,
For in our hearts, she lives and bends.

And so, when you feel lost and alone,
Look up and see, her love is shown.
For she’s the angel, in heaven high,
Whose love and grace, will never die.

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