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Loss and Grief

Overcoming Addiction: Poems of Hope and Recovery

Addiction Poems – Captivating Verses on the Joys and Miseries of Addiction

Welcome to our Addiction Poems page on 1LovePoems! Here, you’ll find a variety of poems on the complex and often challenging topic of addiction. From addiction to drugs and alcohol, to addiction to people or habits, our poems cover it all.

Addiction can be a tough topic to tackle, but we believe that poetry has the power to bring light to the darkest of subjects. So stick around and explore our collection of addiction poems – who knows, you may just find the words you need to help you or a loved one through a tough time.

So grab your coffee (or your non-addictive beverage of choice), get cozy, and let’s dive into the world of addiction poetry together.

Short Poems

Addicted to the High
My mind craves the rush
That feeling of euphoria
I can’t resist, I must
Chase the high, it’s my phobia

Trapped in the Cycle
Every day it’s the same
Wake up, need a fix
Life feels like a game
I can’t escape this mix

Desperate for Control
I thought I had power
But addiction took me over
My life is now sour
Desperate for control, I hover

Hope for Recovery
It’s not too late to change
To leave this addiction behind
A new life in range
Hope for recovery, I’ll find

Medium Poems

Chained to My Addiction

Chained to my addiction,
a prison made of my own deed.
A craving I cannot resist,
a burning desire that I cannot feed.

Every day is a struggle,
a battle against my own mind.
I try to break free,
but my addiction is too kind.

It makes me believe that I need it,
that I cannot live without its embrace.
It consumes my very being,
taking away my every grace.

I want to be free,
I want to break away from this chain.
But until then, I am trapped,
and my addiction will always reign.

The Devil’s Whisper

It whispered to me softly,
a voice in my mind, oh so sly.
Telling me to give in,
to my addiction, to never say bye.

It lured me in with sweet promises,
of pleasure, of a better life.
But as I gave in to its temptations,
I found myself plunged into strife.

It became my constant companion,
my addiction, my only friend.
And with each day that passed,
my will to resist began to bend.

Now I stand, broken and alone,
with nothing but my addiction to hold.
I wish I had never listened,
to the devil’s whisper, so enticing and bold.

The Road to Recovery

It’s a long and winding road,
to break free from addiction’s hold.
A journey that few dare to take,
but one that’s worth every step we make.

There are moments of pain and despair,
when the weight of addiction is too much to bear.
But we must remember to stay strong,
to hold on, to fight, and to never give in all along.

Recovery is a choice we make,
one that’s not easy, but we can’t fake.
We must face our demons, our fears,
and let go of all our past tears.

But on the other side of addiction’s spell,
lies a world of hope, of peace, and of well.
So take that first step, stand up and fight,
for the road to recovery is within sight.

Long Poems

Tangled in Obsession

Lost in a haze, I roam the night,
With every step I lose my might.
My mind consumed by a craving thirst,
The poison inside, a familiar burst.

I try to escape, but it holds me tight,
This craving for more, an endless fight.
The highs and lows they take their toll,
On my soul, my heart, my very soul.

I look for a way out, a path to salvation,
But I keep getting lost in my own fascination.
The drugs, the alcohol, they become my friends,
Offering a moment of joy where nothing ends.

But the joy is short-lived, leaving me with pain,
A cycle that continues, again and again.
I feel alone, lost, and filled with despair,
With no way out, my life is beyond repair.

The addiction takes control, and I am its slave,
My life is a mess, and I cannot be brave.
I pray for an escape, a way to break free,
But the addiction holds on, and I cannot see.

The world around me crumbles, and I am alone,
The darkness inside me, a place I call home.
I am trapped, tangled in obsession,
My life consumed by my addiction’s aggression.

Yet, there is a flicker of hope, a light that shines,
Guiding me towards recovery’s signs.
I take small steps, and each one leads me,
Towards a life that is free, and able to be.

With every step, my heart fills with glee,
And I found the strength to break free.
The addiction, a nightmare that’s left behind,
And a new life, a new beginning of a kind.

The struggle continues, it’s not an easy task,
But I am ready to face it, and I will not mask.
The addiction won’t control me, I am no longer a slave,
I am strong, I am brave, and I will not be brave.

My heart is filled with gratitude, and my soul with peace,
I found the strength to break the chains, to release.
The addiction is not me, and I am not my past,
I am ready to stand tall, and I will not be surpassed.

I am now free, able to live a life that’s mine,
A life that’s worth living, no longer confined.
The darkness inside has now turned bright,
And I am ready to soar, ready to take flight.

Tangled in obsession, I found a way,
To break the chains, and to never sway.
The addiction, once my nightmare, now my past,
And a new chapter, a new beginning, cast.

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