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Valentine Poems

Be My Valentine Love Poem

Author: Harry Bryant

Be my valentine,
say that you are mine,
and will be for all time,
let our hearts entwine
be my valentine.
All of your allures,
told me I’m yours,
as long as life endures,
be my valentine.
Tell me that you care,
I always will be there,
with everything to share,
be my valentine.
Your personality,
is perfect just for me,
I love you, don’t you see,
be valentine.
Share with me, your heart,
give our love a start,
we will never part,
be my valentine.
I pray to God above,
to send me your love,
cupid, give her a shove,
be my valentine.
When you dream at night,
with your eyes shut tight,
let me be your light,
be my valentine.
When you sing a song,
tell me I belong,
in your heart so strong,
be my valentine.
When I think of you,
I hope you’re thinking too,
about my love so true,
be my valentine,
In the east or west,
you know I love you best,
so give up the all rest,
and be my valentine.
No matter what the season,
it’s you I should be pleasing,
I love you is the reason,
be my Valentine.

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