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10 Heartfelt Valentines Poems From Child to Parent | 1LovePoems

Love Notes from Little Hearts: Valentine’s Poems for Parents

Short Poems

1. “My First Love”
You taught me how to walk and talk,
You held me when I cried.
You showed me what true love is,
And watched me grow with pride.

2. “Forever and Always”
You’ll always be my Valentine,
My love for you will never fade.
I thank the stars above me,
For the parent you have made.

3. “Thank You”
Thank you for your hugs and kisses,
Thank you for your smiles.
Thank you for being my Valentine,
And making my life worthwhile.

4. “Unconditional Love”
Your love for me is limitless,
No matter what I do.
You’re always there to guide me,
And help me make it through.

Medium Poems

For My Beloved Parent

With every beat of my heart,
I cherish you more and more.
My love for you will never part,
It will forever soar.

You nourished me since my birth,
And filled my life with glee.
You gave me shelter on this earth,
And showed me how to be.

Your love is pure and divine,
A treasure I will always keep.
I am proud to call you mine,
My love for you runs deep.

So on this special day,
I want to show my love so true.
I hope you know in every way,
How much I adore you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my beloved parent,
I love you today and forever, that’s evident.

My Guiding Light

You hold my hand when I’m lost,
And always show me the way.
You guide me through life’s frost,
And brighten every day.

Your love is like a beacon,
A light that’s always shining bright.
You’re the rock that I can lean on,
Through any stormy night.

You teach me to be kind,
And to love with an open heart.
You’re always on my mind,
Even when we’re far apart.

Today I want to say,
How much you mean to me.
I’m grateful every single day,
For the love and care you give so free.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my guiding light,
You make my world so bright.

Long Poems

The Love I Have for You

My dear parents, on this Valentine’s Day,
I want to express the love I have in every way.
You raised me with care, each and every day,
And showed me how to love, in your own special way.

From the time I was a baby, you held me close to your heart,
And guided me through life, right from the start.
When I took my first step, you were there to cheer me,
And when I said my first word, you listened patiently.

When I fell down and scraped my knee,
You picked me up and kissed it tenderly.
When I faced a challenge and felt unsure,
You gave me courage and helped me endure.

You taught me the importance of love and respect,
And showed me how to give and expect.
You instilled in me the value of kindness and grace,
And taught me how to persevere and embrace.

So today, on this special day of love,
I want to thank you for all you’ve done,
For the sacrifices you’ve made, the love you’ve shown,
And for guiding me to become all I have grown.

I love you more than words could ever say,
And I hope this Valentine’s Day brings you joy in every way.
Know that you hold a special place in my heart,
And that I am eternally grateful for the love you impart.

A Love Letter to My Parent

Dear Parent, my dearest one,
This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to say
How much I love you, each and every day
You are my sunshine in the dark of night
And your love for me always feels so right

From the very beginning, you held me close
You guided me through life’s ups and downs
You picked me up whenever I fell
And kissed my boo-boos, oh so well

As I grew up, you taught me right from wrong
Encouraged me to chase my dreams and be strong
You showed me that love should always be kind
And to always keep an open mind

Through the years, you’ve been my rock
The one who’s always there to talk
You’ve listened to my hopes and fears
And wiped away my saddest tears

No matter what the future brings
My love for you forever sings
You’ll always be the one I seek
The one whose love is pure and meek

So dear Parent, please hear my heart
This love I have for you will never part
You are my greatest blessing in life
Forever my love for you will thrive.

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