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Heartfelt Valentines Day Poems for Moms and Dads from 1LovePoems

Expressions of Love for Mom and Dad: Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Poems

Love is not only for couples, it’s for parents too! This Valentine’s Day, show your love to the people who brought you into this world with our collection of heartfelt poems for moms and dads. From sweet and sentimental to hilariously witty, these poems are sure to make their hearts flutter. So, whether you’re looking for a poem to include in a card or just want to express your love in a unique way, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range of Valentine’s Day poems for moms and dads today!

Short Poems

1. “Mother Love”
Her love for me is endless,
Her strength, a solid force.
Her heart is pure and selfless,
A constant source of course.

2. “Father’s Love”
His guidance strong and steady,
His love a shining light.
He’s always there and ready,
To help me through the night.

3. “A Mother’s Heart”
A heart of gold, so pure and true,
A mother’s love will see you through.
Through good times and through bad,
She’ll always be the best Mom you could have had.

4. “A Father’s Strength”
A rock of strength, a pillar tall,
My dad has never let me fall.
He teaches me to stand up straight,
And to never give up, no matter the weight.

Medium Poems

1. “For Mom on Valentine’s Day”

Dear Mom, on this Valentine’s Day
I want to let you know in every way
That you mean the world to me
You’re the sunshine when I am down and feeling lonely

You listen when I need to talk
And wipe my tears when I squawk
With every hug and kiss, I feel blessed
For all the times you’ve been my shield and fortress

I love you more than you’ll ever know
And I want to let it show
So here’s a little note to say
I love you to the moon and back today and always.

2. “For Dad with Love”

Dad, on this Valentine’s Day
I want to take a little time to say
That I am blessed to call you my dad
You’re the one who taught me to be strong even when things go bad

You’re my superhero, my knight in shining armor
Who’s always there to keep me from going off course
You’re the one who makes me feel safe and sound
And always helps me break down any doubt

Your love is like a river that runs deep
A treasure that I will forever keep
I am grateful for all that you do
And for the love that you always stay true

So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to say
I love you more than words could ever say, any day!

Long Poems

Forever Love

In childhood, you were my first love,
And you still are, for all time to come.
Your gentle touch, your loving gaze,
Has kept me safe, all these years of my days.

On this day of love, I want to say,
That my love for you, grows stronger each day.
You’ve always been there, through thick and thin,
Making my life, rich and full of wins.

Mum, whenever I’m down and out,
You embrace me, without a doubt.
Your comforting words, your warm embrace,
Keep me strong, and fill me with grace.

Dad, you’re my hero, my guiding light,
Teaching me what’s wrong, and what’s right.
Your love, your wisdom, your endless care,
Are treasures, I’ll cherish, forever fair.

Mum and Dad, as the years roll by,
You’re always there, with a loving smile.
Even when life, gets tough and rough,
Your love, your care, is enough.

On this Valentine’s Day, I want to say,
That my love for you, is here to stay.
You are my heart, my forever love,
And in your love, I find my true solace above.

The Love and Gratitude for my Parents on Valentine’s Day

Dear Mom and Dad, on this special day,
I want to express my love in every way.
For all the times you’ve been there for me,
Guiding me through life’s journey, I see.

I remember the days when I was small,
You held my hand and picked me up when I fall.
You hugged me tight and kissed me goodnight,
Making me feel safe and sound, alright.

As I grew up, you always stayed by my side,
Encouraging me to take life in stride.
You taught me to be kind, compassionate, and wise,
To be humble, honest, and always to compromise.

You celebrated my accomplishments with joy,
And helped me rebound from failure, enhance my employ.
You never let me feel alone or neglected,
You always stood by me, never once rejected.

Your love for me is limitless and pure,
It fills my heart and makes it sure.
That despite the ups and downs of life,
You will always have my back and banish strife.

I am blessed to have you as my parents,
For your immense love and support are inherent.
You gave me wings to fly and chase my dreams,
To explore the world’s wonder and diverse themes.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, I want to say,
Thank you, mom and dad, for showing me the way.
Your love and guidance have been my anchor,
And I will always cherish you both, forever!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom and Dad!

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