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Thanksgiving Poems for Kids to Celebrate the Festive Season

Thankful Rhymes for Little Minds: Fun Thanksgiving Poems for Kids to Enjoy

Welcome to 1LovePoems! As Thanksgiving approaches, we have rounded up some delightful poems for kids to get into the spirit of gratitude and giving. From turkeys to family gatherings, our range of poems captures the essence of Thanksgiving in a fun and witty way. So, whether you’re looking for a charming poem to entertain young ones or a heartwarming verse to share at the dinner table, we’ve got you covered. So, dive in and discover the magic of Thanksgiving through poetry!

Short Poems

1. Turkey Day Festivities
We gather ’round for Turkey Day
To eat and laugh and play
We’re grateful for our loved ones near
And all the blessings we hold dear

2. Thankful Thoughts
As we give thanks for all we’ve got
We remember what means the most
Family, friendship, and love we’ve got
And a warm home to call our own

3. Harvest Time
The leaves are falling, the air is crisp
And pumpkins decorate every doorstep
Autumn is here, and so is Thanksgiving
Let’s savor this beautiful season of giving

4. Giving Thanks
With humble hearts and grateful minds
We give thanks for life’s simple joys
For a warm bed and healthy bodies
And the endless love that surrounds us.

Medium Poems

1. “Turkey Trot”
Gobble, gobble, wobble, wobble,
Turkey’s strutting, fun and noble.
Basting, roasting, savory smells,
Filling up bellies, sounding bells.
Turkey trot, feast’s in sight,
Happy Thanksgiving to all tonight!

2. “Grateful Hearts”
We gather together, hearts full of grace,
Thankful for blessings in this special place.
Family, friends, food galore,
Memories we cherish, forevermore.
Grateful hearts, in humble prayer,
Thanksgiving blessings we gladly share.

3. “Giving Thanks”
Thanksgiving Day, a time to reflect,
On the blessings received, without neglect.
Food on the table, love in our hearts,
Gratitude overflowing, as each part.
Giving thanks, with every breath,
Making memories, that will outlast death.

Long Poems

Thankful Hearts: A Thanksgiving Poem for Kids

As we gather ’round our table,
With our loved ones by our side,
We pause to give our thanks aloud,
For the blessings in our lives.

We’re thankful for our families,
For the times we laugh and play,
For homes to keep us safe and warm,
And for love that’s here to stay.

We’re grateful for the food we eat,
For each and every bite,
For farmers who work hard each day,
To grow it just right.

We’re thankful for the changing seasons,
For the colors and the trees,
For the beauty all around us,
That brings us to our knees.

We’re grateful for our friends so dear,
Who lift us up when we are low,
For the kindness that they show us,
And the love that they bestow.

We’re thankful for our teachers,
For the lessons that they teach,
For the knowledge that they give us,
And the goals that they help us reach.

We’re grateful for the soldiers,
Who protect our land so free,
For the sacrifice they make each day,
So that we can live in peace.

We’re thankful for the memories made,
For the times we won’t forget,
For the laughter, joy, and happiness,
And the love that we’ve been sent.

So let us bow our heads in prayer,
And give our thanks up high,
For all the blessings in our lives,
And the love that will never die.

For thankful hearts, we gather here,
To celebrate this day,
And to give our thanks to Thee above,
For all that You have made.

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