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Easter Poetry: Celebrate the Joy of Spring and Renewal with These Beautiful Poems

Easter Joy: Celebrating Renewal and Hope with Inspiring Poems and Verses

Spring is in the air, the flowers are in bloom, and the Easter bunny is on his way! At 1LovePoems, we’re getting into the Easter spirit by featuring a range of happy Easter poems on our page. From funny and lighthearted to more heartfelt and sentimental, our collection has something for everyone. So sit back, grab a chocolate egg or two, and enjoy some egg-cellent poetry. Happy Easter, from all of us at 1LovePoems!

Short Poems

Easter Joy
Easter is a time of joy,
When winter’s grip begins to coy.
Flowers bloom and grass turns green,
As we celebrate with love and esteem.

The Cross
On Good Friday we remember the cross,
Where Jesus bore our endless loss.
But on Easter Sunday, we rejoice,
For He overcame and gave us choice.

Springtime’s Renewal
The world awakens from winter’s sleep,
As springtime’s renewal takes a leap.
Birds chirp and bees buzz around,
As new life springs up from the ground.

Easter Bells
Easter bells ring loud and clear,
Announcing that our Savior’s near.
We gather together to worship and pray,
Thankful for the love He showed us that day.

Medium Poems

1. Joyful Resurrection

The tomb lies empty,
the stone rolled away,
the Lord has risen,
on this blessed Easter day.

The sky is bright,
with the light of the sun,
and in our hearts,
we feel His love and joy.

Let us rejoice,
and sing with all our might,
for Christ has conquered death,
and brought us new life.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,
let our voices ring,
in praise to the risen Lord,
our Savior and King.

2. Easter Lily

In the garden of life,
a lily bloomed,
its petals white as snow,
its fragrance sweet as perfume.

It reached up high,
towards the rising sun,
and whispered a prayer,
for all that has begun.

On this Easter morn,
let us be like the lily,
lifting our hearts and souls,
to the One who is holy.

May our lives be filled,
with the beauty of His grace,
and our hearts be open,
to His love that we embrace.

3. The Promise

From the cross He gave His life,
to cleanse our hearts from sin and strife,
and in the tomb He lay,
for three long days and nights, they say.

But then on Easter morn,
the stone was rolled and Christ was born,
He rose triumphant from the grave,
and all our sorrow He did save.

His promise of eternal life,
with Him in heaven with no strife,
is ours to claim and to receive,
if we but trust and we believe.

So let us celebrate this day,
with joy and hope and love on the way,
and lift our hearts in grateful praise,
to the Savior who holds us in His gaze.

Long Poems

Easter Resurrection

Gather ’round and hear the story,
Of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Glory.
Born in Bethlehem, a humble manger,
Raised in Nazareth, no place stranger.

He grew in wisdom and in grace,
Healing the sick, with a smile on His face.
Spreading love, hope, and joy,
Never backing down from anyone’s ploy.

But some were envious, and some were cruel,
And one dark night, they arrested our jewel.
They whipped and mocked Him, with scornful glee,
And then they hung Him, upon a tree.

But though He suffered, He never gave in,
For He knew His Father’s love would win.
And on the third day, there was a sound,
A shout of joy that echoed around.

The stone was rolled away, the tomb was bare,
And Mary Magdalene, found nothing there.
For He had risen, just as He said,
And death and sin, were finally dead.

So let us now, with grateful hearts,
Praise the Lord, from whom all blessings start.
For through His death and resurrection,
We have salvation and divine protection.

So shout it out, with all your might,
Hallelujah! He is alive and bright!
And let this day, forever be,
A holy day, of victory.

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