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Hoppy Easter: Laugh Out Loud with These Funny Easter Poems

Egg-citing Easter Poems to Crack You Up!

Easter is one of the most exciting times of the year, and what better way to celebrate it than with some funny Easter poems? Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted take on the season or just need a good laugh, we’ve got you covered. From silly bunnies to Easter egg hunts gone wrong, our collection of Easter poems will have you giggling in no time. So hop on over to our page and check out our range of humorous Easter poems today!

Short Poems

1. “Easter Egg Hunt”
Searching high and low
For a brightly colored prize
Where did that egg go?

2. “Marshmallow Madness”
Soft and sweet and squishy
On my tongue they melt away
Marshmallows oh so yummy

3. “Bunny Business”
A twitch of his nose
And a flick of his tail
The Easter Bunny knows

4. “Egg-cellent Adventure”
Rolling down a hill
Chasing after colored eggs
Easter fun, a thrill!

Medium Poems

Oops, I Dropped My Egg

Oops, I dropped my egg
It rolled beneath the couch
My little brother’s giggling,
As if he’s just won a pouch

I scramble on my knees
And reach beneath the dust
But all that I can gather
Are little bits of crust

My mom comes in the room
And sees the mess I’ve made
She looks at me and grins
And says, “It’s Easter, so let’s play!”

We search around the house
For eggs hidden high and low
And though my failed attempts
Make this game rather slow

My siblings all join in
And we laugh and shout and holler
For as we pick up scraps
We make a whole new Easter dollar

The Candy Jar

In the kitchen stands a jar
Filled with candy, oh so far
I’m standing here with eager hands
Waiting for the Easter demands

The bunnies and the eggs, they stare
Their sugar sweetness, oh so fair
The jellybeans and chocolate squares
Are making me feel like a millionaire

But Mommy’s standing by my side
And says that I cannot decide
For if I eat too much today
My tummy will not be okay

So we take just one or two
And save the rest for someone new
For Easter’s all about sharing joy
With every little girl and boy

Long Poems

Here’s a funny Easter poem titled “The Bunny’s Big Mix-Up”

The Easter Bunny hopped down the road one day
With a basket of eggs in the usual way
But something seemed off as he went along
As though he were where he didn’t belong

He checked his map and he checked it twice
But still he couldn’t find the correct rice
He hopped and he hopped until he was tired
And sat down on a log to get inspired

But as he sat there, something strange occurred
His basket of eggs began to get blurred
He rubbed his eyes and shook his head
What he saw next made him filled with dread

The eggs had been swapped with ones so odd
Bright purple and green and even one like a cod
There were eggs that could dance and eggs that could sing
And even one that had sprouted a tiny spring

The bunny scratched his head in disbelief
“How did this happen?” he muttered in grief
“I must have mixed up my basket with another
But how can I fix this without hurting the others?”

And then he had an idea so clever and bright
He’d deliver each egg throughout the night
Those odd eggs could bring a new surprise
To each child’s Easter in front of their eyes

So with a hop and a skip and a jump so high
He set off to make every child’s heart sigh
And when it was done, he sighed with relief
Next time he’d make sure to double-check his brief.

An Easter Egg Hunt Gone Wrong

On Easter morn, the sun did rise,
The air was filled with joyful cries.
Children rushed out to the yard,
Hoping to find Easter eggs, not too hard.

With baskets in hand, they scurried about,
Looking high and low, without a doubt.
But as they searched every nook and cranny,
Something strange began to happen, quite uncanny.

One by one, the eggs began to move,
As if possessed by some kind of groove.
They rolled along the grass like tiny cars,
And some even bounced like superstars.

The children were perplexed, to say the least,
As they watched their Easter feast.
They thought the eggs were just for eating,
But now they were seeing something quite intriguing.

As the eggs continued to dance and spin,
The kids started to join in.
They hopped and skipped with the eggs,
As if they were all shiny new pegs.

It was a sight to behold, this egg dance,
As the children pranced and pranced.
Their smiles grew wider with every step,
And soon they forgot about the candy they had kept.

For in that moment, all that mattered,
Was the laughter and fun they had gathered.
Easter had become much more than just a hunt,
It was a time for joy, love, and being upfront.

So if you see some Easter eggs bouncing about,
Don’t be alarmed, do not shout.
Just join in and dance with glee,
For Easter is about being free.

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