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Fathers Day Poems: Heartfelt Words from a Girlfriend to Her Boyfriend

Express Your Love with Heartfelt Father’s Day Poems from Girlfriend to Boyfriend

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing boyfriends who have taken on the role of dad! Whether you’re a new dad or a seasoned one, we know how special this day is for you. That’s why we’ve put together a range of Father’s Day poems from girlfriends to boyfriends to help you express how much you love and appreciate him. From funny to sentimental, we’ve got it all covered on this page. So, take a look around and find the perfect poem to make your boyfriend feel extra loved this Father’s Day!

Short Poems

1. “My Partner, My rock”
You are my rock, my partner, my life
Through thick and thin, through strife and strife
You’re there for me, with love so true
This Father’s Day, I’m honoring you.

2. “My Protector, My Love”
Your strong arms, so safe and secure
Your steady gaze, so patient and pure
You’re the protector of our little one
This Father’s Day, you’re second to none.

3. “My Partner, My Best Friend”
You’re my partner, my best friend
Together we can weather any bend
You make me laugh, you make me smile
This Father’s Day, you deserve the highest style.

4. “My Love, My Hero”
You’re my love, my hero, my all
You pick me up when I start to fall
You’re the father of our sweet child
This Father’s Day, I’m left in awe.

Medium Poems

My Forever Hero”

You are my forever hero,
My strength and my guide,
Through thick and through thin,
Through every rise and tide.

You stand by my side,
When others have fled,
You hold me up high,
When I feel lost and dead.

You’ve shown me what love is,
In your every gesture and word,
And for that, my dearest,
I can’t thank you enough, my world.

I wish you a happy Father’s day,
And want you to know,
That you mean the world to me,
And will never let you go.

Daddy’s Love”

Your love is all-encompassing,
Deep and so true,
It fills every crevice of my soul,
And paints the world a different hue.

Your every kiss feels like magic,
Your every embrace a warm safe space,
A place where nothing can harm me,
And I can feel your loving embrace.

You are my dad, my mentor, my guide,
My everything in this crazy ride,
And on this special day,
I promise to love you in my every way.

Happy Father’s Day, my dearest,
May you always know my love,
And how much you mean to me,
My world below and above.

The One I Adore”

You are the one I adore,
My hero, my shining star,
In every way, you inspire me,
And show me how to be the best by far.

With every passing day,
I see your love grow deeper still,
And I can’t help but feel blessed,
To have such an amazing man to fill.

You are my boyfriend, my love, my friend,
My soulmate and my life’s key,
A father in the making,
That’s everything I want you to be.

Happy Father’s Day, my dearest,
May your day be as special as you,
And know that I’ll always cherish,
The love and bond we share, everlasting and true.

Long Poems

For the Father of my Heart

In you I found a love so fair,
A father, a hero, beyond compare.
You touched my life with warmth and care,
With every ounce of love you bear.

Though you’re not my dad by blood,
Through thick and thin, you’ve been my rock.
When life gets tough and I’m at a loss,
With you, I feel safe, no matter the cost.

I’ve watched you grow in every way,
From the work you do to the words you say.
You inspire me to push on and strive,
And in your light, I find the energy to survive.

You’ve shown me patience, strength, and grace,
In every challenge, you’ve kept your pace.
You stand tall in the face of any fight,
And have never once given up without a fight.

As a girlfriend, I’m forever grateful,
For the gift of your love, so pure and faithful.
You care for me with a tender heart,
And in you, I find a father of my heart.

On this special day, I want to say,
Thank you for being you in every way.
Thank you for being my guide and light,
And for sharing your love that shines so bright.

So here’s a cheers to you, my dearest heart,
Father, friend, mentor to me from the start.
Happy Father’s Day, with all my heart,
May we always be as close as we were from the start.

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