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Church-Approved Father’s Day Poems to Inspire and Uplift

Touching Father’s Day Poems to Celebrate Dads in Church and Beyond

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day? Look no further than 1LovePoems! We’ve got a range of poems for you to choose from, all dedicated to the special fathers in our lives. Whether you’re looking for something sentimental or something with a bit of humor, we’ve got you covered. So take a look through our selection and find the perfect poem to honor the amazing dads out there. Happy Father’s Day!

Short Poems

1. “A Father’s Love”
A father’s love is like no other,
Strength and guidance like a brother.
He teaches us to stand up tall,
Through every triumph and every fall.

2. “A Father’s Faith”
A father’s faith is strong and sure,
A beacon of hope that will endure.
In times of doubt, he leads the way,
With unwavering trust day by day.

3. “A Father’s Blessing”
A father’s blessing is a precious gift,
A love that can never be missed.
His words of wisdom linger still,
Guiding us through every hill.

4. “A Father’s Legacy”
A father’s legacy is hard to top,
A life well lived, never to stop.
He leaves a mark on every heart,
And in his children, he’ll forever be a part.

Medium Poems

A Father’s Love, a Father’s Blessing

A father’s love flows deep and true,
A steadfast guide in all we do.
He shows us strength and models grace,
As he walks with us each day we face.

His love is like a gentle breeze,
That soothes our hearts and brings us ease.
And in its wake, we find a way,
To trust in him and build our faith.

A father’s blessing is a thing of worth,
A gift that lasts beyond the earth.
For in his voice, we hear the call,
To stand up tall and give our all.

So on this Father’s Day, we say,
Thank you, Dad, in every way.
For all the love and all the care,
We couldn’t ask for better, anywhere.

A Father’s Heart, a Father’s Joy

A father’s heart is full of pride,
As he watches his children thrive.
He cheers them on and lifts them high,
As they find their wings and learn to fly.

His joy is like the morning light,
That shines upon a brand new day.
He fills the house with laughter bright,
And shows his love in every way.

A father’s strength is like a rock,
That stands the test of time and change.
He models character and talks,
Of what it means to make a life that’s great.

So on this Father’s Day, we know,
That we are blessed beyond measure.
For in our dad, we have a role,
Model and guide, our earthly treasure.

Long Poems

A Father’s Love

A father’s love is strong and true,
It lasts forever, through and through.
He holds his child with steady hands,
And helps them grow, to understand.

He leads by example, day by day,
Teaching lessons in a gentle way.
Making time to listen and care,
Knowing when to be strong and fair.

A father’s love can span the miles,
Bringing comfort with a smile.
He’s there in times of greatest need,
Guiding with his wise words and deeds.

He shows us how to face each day,
With courage, grace and hope to pray.
His love is like a beacon bright,
Guiding us towards the path of light.

So on this special Father’s Day,
We celebrate in every way,
The love that he has given us,
A bond that’s strong, and true, and just.

May we always cherish his embrace,
And thank our God for this love’s grace.
For in his care we grow and thrive,
With a father’s love that will forever survive.

The Faithful Father

A Father’s love, steadfast and true,
Like a beacon in the darkness, shining through.
His arms open wide, ready to embrace,
A child in need of comfort and a safe place.

In the church, he leads by example,
Teaching the ways of God and setting an ample
Foundation of faith, hope, and love,
Guiding his children to the One above.

Through sleepless nights and endless days,
In the workplace, at home, and on life’s highways,
He stands strong, with a heart of gold,
A constant reminder that we’re never alone.

In the face of adversity and strife,
He stays faithful, committed to his life,
With a deep abiding trust in God’s plan,
He leads by example, with a steady hand.

His gentle guidance and unwavering support,
Are blessings we cherish, and never take for naught,
We thank God for a Father so true,
A faithful servant, always there for me and you.

On Father’s Day, we honor with great joy,
The man who instilled in us the faith we employ,
May the Lord bless him, heart, mind, and soul,
A faithful Father, who makes us whole.

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