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10 Famous Easter Poems to Celebrate the Season

Celebrate Easter with iconic poems that embody the spirit of the season – read and share with loved ones on 1LovePoems!

Looking for some egg-cellent Easter poems to brighten up your day? Look no further, folks! Here on 1LovePoems, we’ve got a cracking collection of famous Easter poems that will have you hopping with joy.

Whether you’re looking for something funny, heartwarming, or thought-provoking, our page has got you covered. From classic literary works to modern masterpieces, we’ve curated an egg-stra special selection of Easter poetry that will leave you feeling inspired.

So why not take a stroll down our virtual garden path and discover some of the many treasures that await you? Who knows – you might just discover a new favorite poet or two. And hey, even if you don’t, we can guarantee that you’ll come away feeling more egg-cited about the holiday than ever before!

Short Poems

1. “Easter Morning”
The sun rises high
On this joyous day of praise
He is risen, indeed

2. “Spring’s Resurrection”
Petals bloom again
Frozen winter now forgotten
Life begins anew

3. “Easter Lily”
Pure and pristine white
Innocence and hope combined
Church awash in peace

4. “The Cross”
Blood spills down the wood
Sacrifice for all mankind
A new life given

Medium Poems

1. “Easter Morning”
The sun rises, the world awakens,
Resurrected from winter’s slumber;
New life, new hope, all creation sings,
As we celebrate this day of wonder.

A stone rolled away, an empty tomb,
Proof that death could not contain;
Christ our Saviour, arisen, alive,
His redemption for all to claim.

2. “Easter Lily”
Pure and white, a symbol of grace,
The Easter Lily blooms in God’s embrace;
Its fragrant scent, a reminder of love,
From heaven above, sent as a dove.

Like Christ, who conquered death and sin,
The lily bursts forth, new life begins;
In a world often darkened by strife,
It offers hope and eternal life.

3. “Easter Joy”
On this day, let us rejoice and sing,
For Christ our Lord is risen, King of Kings;
The tomb is empty, the stone removed,
God’s promise fulfilled, His love proved.

The pain and sorrow, the cross and death,
Were all for us, to give us breath;
Easter brings hope, a new beginning,
A chance to live, love, and keep forgiving.

Long Poems


In the depths of night, when all was still
A silence filled the air, a void to fill
The world lay still, as death consumed
And hope was lost, in despair and gloom

Yet in the midst of this darkness deep
A flicker of light, began to seep
Through the cracks of despair and fear
A glimmer of hope, was drawing near

For in the tomb, where the dead lay cold
A miracle was about to unfold
As the stone was rolled, and the door flung wide
An empty grave, stood there inside

The angels rejoiced, their voices raised high
For death had been conquered, and victory was nigh
And in that moment, a new dawn arose
As life sprouted forth, from where death once froze

The chains of sin, were broken and cast
As freedom and grace, appeared at last
And from that day forward, a new story began
Of hope and redemption, for all of man

So let us rejoice, and lift high our voice
For death has no power, in this great rejoice
Let us celebrate, this resurrection day
For in Christ we live, and all sins are washed away.

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