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Rallying Words: Powerful Protest Poems for Social Justice

Rage against the machine: Protest poems for social justice and change

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we believe that poetry has the power to change the world. And what better way to change the world than by protesting against injustice?

On this page, you’ll find a range of protest poems that tackle everything from racial inequality and police brutality to climate change and political corruption. These poems are not afraid to speak truth to power, and they will inspire you to raise your voice and stand up for what’s right.

So whether you’re looking for a powerful spoken word piece to share on social media or a beautiful sonnet to recite at a protest rally, you’re sure to find something that resonates with you here. And who knows – maybe one of these poems will be the spark that ignites a revolution.

So read on, and let your passion for justice and equality be reflected in every line of these protest poems. After all, as the great poet Maya Angelou once said: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Let these poems be the stories that need to be told.

Short Poems

1. “Silent Protest”
Silence is my protest,
words will not suffice.
I stand here in defiance,
my presence will suffice.

2. “Injustice”
A cry for justice rings,
through streets and busy lanes.
Our voices will be heard,
let us break these unjust chains.

3. “Equality”
We are all the same,
despite our skin or name.
Let unity be our guide,
this is where true progress lies.

4. “Revolution”
The winds of change are blowing,
with courage we will rise.
A new world is unfolding,
where freedom will reign in the skies.

Medium Poems

Hands Up

Hands up, don’t shoot,
We’re here to speak the truth.
We march in streets,
We won’t be defeated.

We’re tired of the hate,
Of the violence and the fate.
We demand a change,
We won’t stay the same.

Our voices will be heard,
Our message will be shared.
We won’t be silenced,
Our power won’t be diminished.

Hands up, don’t shoot,
We’re here to make a move.
We’ll fight for justice,
For a brighter and fairer world.

The Colors of Diversity

Diversity is the beauty of our land,
The colors that adorn our hand.
We come in shapes and shades,
Different cultures, different ways.

In unity we stand,
Hand in hand, a powerful band.
Our differences are our strength,
Together we go to great lengths.

We celebrate our heritage,
We embrace our uniqueness.
We build bridges, not walls,
Our love breaks down barriers.

The colors of diversity,
Are the colors of humanity.
We are one, we are strong,
Together we belong.

Long Poems

We Shall Overcome

We shall overcome, one day soon
The weight of oppression will be gone
No more the chains around our necks
No more the whips, the brute force to contend
We shall overcome, we shall overcome

The night is dark, and the path is long
But we shall march on, with conviction strong
Our hearts on fire, our spirits high
We shall overcome, we shall defy

The powers that be, they fear our might
They try to silence, with all their might
But we shall not be silenced, we shall not be cowed
Our voices will rise, and our truths be loud

For every injustice that we see
For every victim we set free
We shall rise united, we shall stand tall
We shall overcome, and we shall not fall

Our struggle is long but in the end
We shall break the chains, and we shall ascend
To a world free of hate, free of fear
Where justice triumphs, and love is near

So let us march on, with hope in heart
For a better world, a brand new start
With faith that we will overcome
And with the belief that justice will be done.

The Voice of the People

We are the voice of the people,
The ones who’ve been ignored,
The marginalized and powerless,
The ones who’ve been deplored.

We’re the ones who’ve been oppressed
By the powers that be,
The ones who’ve been exploited
For their own luxury.

We demand justice and equality,
For all people, not just some,
We refuse to be silenced,
For our cause is where we come from.

We’ll march and we’ll shout,
And we’ll never back down,
Until our voices are heard
In every corner of this town.

We’ll call upon those in power,
To see the world through different eyes,
To understand the struggles we face,
And not just hear our cries.

We won’t let them divide us,
With their hate and their fear,
We’ll stand together as one,
And our message will be clear.

We want a world free from racism,
A world without discrimination,
A world where we’re all equal,
And treated with compassion.

So listen to our words,
And join us in our fight,
For a world that’s fair and just,
And removes all the plight.

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