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Voices Against Wrong: The Power of Injustice Poems

Welcome to Voices Against Wrong: The Power of Injustice Poems. In this collection, you will find a variety of poems that shed light on the injustices present in our world. Some poems may be short and poignant, while others may delve deeper into the complexities of societal wrongs.

Explore the profound impact of injustice through the words of our poets. From the rights of animals to the ethics of politics, these poems will evoke emotions and inspire action.

Join us on this journey of reflection and advocacy as we use the power of poetry to speak out against injustice.

Silent Cry:
In the shadows where silence reigns,
Injustice whispers, inflicting pains.
With eyes that see but do not act,
A world of fairness stays abstract.
Through the darkness, voices rise,
Seeking truth, shunning lies.
In every tear, a story’s told,
Of battles fought, of courage bold.
Injustice in its endless guise,
A challenge to our hopeful skies.

Chains of Silence:
Among the fields where freedom lies,
Injustice binds with unseen ties.
With every shackle, a hope is crushed,
A dream of peace abruptly hushed.
In their struggle, hearts endure,
Seeking justice, strong and pure.
In every fight, a world remade,
Injustice’s shadow slowly fades.

Echoes of Change:
In the streets where marches flow,
Injustice meets the forceful blow.
With every step, a path is paved,
For the voices of the brave.
Through the turmoil, change is near,
A future bright, devoid of fear.
In every shout, a story’s told,
Of justice’s flame, fiercely bold.

Silly Justice
In a world where silliness reigned,
Injustice felt quite pained.
A judge with a wig made of cheese,
Tried cases with humorous ease.
“You stole a pie?” he’d say with glee,
“You must bake ten for the jury!”
Laughter filled the courtroom bright,
As justice took a humorous light.

Courtroom Comedy
In a court where jokes were law,
Injustice had a tiny flaw.
“You spilled the paint?” the judge did ask,
“Paint the town red, that’s your task!”
The guilty laughed, the judge did wink,
As courtroom comedy made them think.
Injustice took a playful turn,
As fairness made the world discern.

Cry of Injustice
In shadows where the truth is veiled,
The cry of injustice prevails.
With voices silenced, hearts oppressed,
The fight for fairness is confessed.
Through battles fought and tears that fall,
The call for justice stands tall.
In every glance, in every word,
The pain of wrongs is sharply heard.
A testament to human plight,
The quest for justice in the night.
Through trials faced and courage shown,
The seeds of justice are sown.
A symbol of the fight to be,
Injustice, we strive to see.

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