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Depressing poetry – Bury Poem

by Alex Sandell

We all believe in something more than what we have,
so we don’t feel like we’ve missed out on everything.
We all believe there is something more,
so we don’t feel like there’s nothing at all.
And it always centers inside of my ear.
And it hides within a grand-mal.
And it lives and breathes in the enemies I create.
And it manifests in my hate.
And it always centers inside of your crusade.
And it stares out from within your desperation.
And it lives and breathes inside of the person you’ve went all out to formulate.
And it manifests in a fictional me, and you won’t let yourself escape.
Anywhere we can place the blame.
Anywhere we can bury the hurt.
Anyone we can point the finger at.
Anyone we can hide inside.
Anything, as long as we don’t have to let it go.
Keep the fire burning by putting it out.
Keep the light on by removing the bulb.
Anything but having to face the everything
we haven’t had the chance to fabricate.

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