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Breathing Toxic Air: Pollution Poems

Echoes of Pollution: Poems that Shed Light on our Planet’s Plight

Welcome to our page of Pollution Poems, where we present to you a range of beautiful and thought-provoking poems on this pressing issue. Our poets have poured their hearts out and have given their best words to bring to light the urgent matter of pollution. From air pollution to water pollution, from plastic waste to deforestation, our poets have touched upon various aspects of pollution with their works. So, come, read and enjoy these poems, and let’s hope they inspire us to make the planet a cleaner and better place to live in. Let’s pledge to keep our environment clean and green!

Short Poems

1. “The Gray Skies”
Gray skies loom above,
Polluted air chokes our lungs,
Nature mourns below.

2. “Waste Land”
Piles of trash stack high,
Oceans of plastic debris,
Nature’s agony.

3. “Fading Colors”
Once vibrant and bright,
Flowers wilt under toxins,
All hues fade to gray.

4. “Cries of the Earth”
Echoes of the earth,
Whispers of the dying earth,
Hear her mournful cries.

Medium Poems


The air we breathe is thick and gray
Filled with pollutants that we spray
The water’s tainted, no longer clear
A toxic world that we all fear

The trees don’t sway in the wind anymore
The skies above are lacking their full color
Animals fall sick and die
A world on the brink, and we all wonder why

We’ve taken what we need, and we’ve left a mess
Nature’s crying out, it’s given its best
Our actions have consequences, that much is clear
If we don’t act fast, our planet will disappear

We need to change our ways and start anew
To save this world, it’s what we must do
Reduce our waste, stop using oil
For we only have one world, this fragile soil

Garbage Island

Floating out in the middle of the sea
A garbage island, as far as the eye can see
Discarded plastics, waste that won’t degrade
A monument to our misguided crusade

Trash boats float by, dumping waste with haste
Our oceans are choking, a dreadful waste
Communication is lost with the sea’s depths
Leaving us blind to its dire distress

It’s not a far-off problem, it’s an immediate threat
Something we can’t ignore, we must pay our debt
The smallest action can make a change
And protect the sea’s creatures from an early grave

We can recycle, reduce, and reuse
Build a habit, stop the pollution we inevitably infuse
We need to remember, the earth is our one and only home
And garbage islands shouldn’t be allowed to visibly roam

Long Poems

The Price We Pay

The air we breathe is tainted with smoke,
A heavy fog that chokes and chokes,
Our oceans and rivers filled with waste,
A toxic tide we’ve learned to taste.

We see the signs but turn a blind eye,
We hear the cries but choose to deny,
That our actions have consequences,
We pay the price with our own expenses.

The factories hum with their machines,
Pouring out poison that no one sees,
The cars we drive pollute the air,
A sacrifice we make without a care.

The forests we destroy without a thought,
Animals lose their habitat that we sought,
Our food is laden with chemicals and dye,
We consume and consume, never asking why.

The earth cries out for us to take heed,
But we continue with our careless greed,
The planet we call home is in peril,
And all we do is shrug and quarrel.

So let us wake up and do our part,
To heal the wounds we’ve made in our heart,
To see the beauty in nature’s face,
And strive to preserve its sacred space.

For the price we pay for our careless ways,
Is a debt we owe that won’t be repaid,
We may reap the benefits of our greed,
But the toll we take is far more than we need.

The Poisoned Earth

The sky above is grey and thick,
A toxic cloud that makes us sick,
The air we breathe is foul and stale,
A constant struggle just to inhale.

The waters once crystal clear,
Now murky, dark, and full of fear,
The fish and plants all gone away,
Dead and gone, forever to stay.

The forests once lush and green,
Reduced to ashes in the scene,
The trees all cut down, the land destroyed,
No more to give the Earth’s joy.

We’ve drained the Earth of all her life,
With greed and carelessness rife,
Species disappearing, one by one,
The damage done cannot be undone.

We all live here, it’s our home,
But our actions have left it alone,
Pollution is the root of it all,
We’ve let it spread and let it sprawl.

It’s time we took responsibility,
For our actions and our ability,
To fix the Earth and make it right,
Before we lose it to eternal night.

If we don’t act and take a stand,
The future of the Earth is in our hand,
Let’s work towards a healthier earth,
Before it’s too late and we see only dearth.

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