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Reminiscing on Memories – Poems About Cherished Moments

Memories That Remain: Poems of Love, Loss, and Remembrance

Welcome to our page of poems about memories! Whether sweet, bittersweet, or downright painful, memories are an inevitable part of life. That’s why we’ve gathered a range of poems on this topic – from sentimental to humorous, from poignant to satirical. So, come and indulge in some nostalgia with us, and discover the power of poetry to capture moments and emotions that we cherish (or wish to forget!). Who knows, you might even make some new memories while reading these poems. Happy browsing!

Short Poems

1. “Fading Memories”
The past lingers on,
Fading as time passes by,
Memories remain.

2. “Memories of Love”
In my heart, you live,
Cherished memories of love,
A flame that still burns.

3. “Memories of Childhood”
Days long gone by now,
Childhood memories return,
A glimpse of the past.

4. “Memories of Seasons”
A memory of fall,
Leaves rustling in the wind’s call,
Seasons come and go.

Medium Poems

Echoes of the Past
Echoes of the past,
Whisper through the breeze,
Memories that last,
Are the ones we seize.

In the stillness of the night,
I hear my father’s laughter,
And see my mother’s loving sight,
As if it were only moments after.

The memory of a tender kiss,
The gentle touch of a hand,
Are the moments we miss,
That we keep close at hand.

Echoes of the past,
Never truly fade,
But continue to last,
In the memories we’ve made.

Faded Photographs
Faded photographs,
In an old photo album,
A glimpse into the past,
Of the memories we’ve forgotten.

A picture of my childhood home,
And the swing set in the yard,
A family portrait with a smiling gnome,
A memory that’s never too far.

Images of holidays and birthdays,
With family and friends so dear,
Captured in moments that never fray,
And always bring us near.

Faded photographs,
A story to tell,
Of the memories that last,
And live within us still.

The Pages of Time
The pages of time,
Are filled with memories,
Of moments sublime,
And life’s precious stories.

The first time I held my child,
And the day they learned to walk,
The memories we compile,
Are the ones that we talk.

The laughter shared with friends,
And the tears we’ve shed,
All are woven together in the end,
And become the tapestry of life we’ve led.

The pages of time,
May fade and grow old,
But the memories we find,
Are treasures that we hold.

Long Poems

Remembering Yesterday

Memories of yesterday linger in my mind
Echoes of laughter, tears left behind
Scenes replay like a film strip in my head
The good, the bad, and everything in between unsaid

I remember the warmth of a summer’s day
Sipping lemonade, the tall grass sway
Friends by my side, laughter in the air
Happiness that felt like it would last forever and ever

I remember winter nights, cold and clear
Watching snowflakes, almost without care
Hearing carolers sing, from house to house
The joy of Christmas quiet but strong inside my heart

I remember my first kiss, a tender touch
Fumbling for words, and feeling like such
A rush of emotions, so powerful and raw
Nervousness and wonder at what I just saw

But memories can be bittersweet
A longing for things now out of reach
Regrets and failures, mistakes we’ve made
Moments lost, that can never be replayed

I remember the pain of loss, so deep
A loved one gone, leaving a void to keep
Tears that fall and hearts that break
A reminder that life can be cruel, and that nothing stays

Memories are a tapestry of our lives
Moments that make us laugh, moments that make us cry
A tapestry in which we all play a part
A reminder that we are all connected at heart

So let us cherish our memories, good and bad
For they are what make us who we are
Let us look back, but not with regret
For life is a journey, and we’re not done yet.

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