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Life’s Transitions: Haiku Poems Reflecting Change and Growth

Life’s Lessons in Haiku: A Collection of Poems in 17 Syllables or Less

Welcome to our page of haiku poems about life! Here, you’ll find a variety of short and sweet poems that capture the essence of the human experience. From moments of joy to moments of sadness, these haikus will leave you feeling contemplative and amused. So take a break from your busy day and enjoy the simple, yet profound, wisdom of these haiku poems about life.

Short Poems

1. Life’s Fragility
A breeze carries on
Petals, frail and delicate
Life’s beauty and ache

2. Seasons of Life
Summer’s youth so bright
Fall’s changes the soul takes flight
Winter’s wisdom, light

3. Life’s Ocean
Life is vast and deep
Waves of joy and sorrow keep
Moving us to reap

4. The Gift of Life
Each breath, each sunrise
An opportunity to thrive
Life, a priceless prize

Medium Poems

1. “Blossoming”
Spring’s gentle breezes
Encourage petals to bloom
Life emerges fresh

2. “Fading”
Autumn leaves crumble
Colors faded, life passes
Endings bring beauty

3. “Pathways”
Life’s journey unknown
Choosing roads, finding our way
Paths crossed, memories

Long Poems

The Journey of Life

In the beginning, we arrive
Tiny and helpless, yet full of life
We take our first steps, stumble and fall
But keep trying, determined to stand tall

As we grow older, we learn so much
From parents and teachers, we seek their touch
We make mistakes and learn from pain
And try to find our own path to fame

Friendships we make along the way
Some last forever, some fade day by day
Love comes, and goes, and comes again
A roller coaster ride, but worth the pain

We pursue our dreams with all our might
Some come true, some fade out of sight
We strive for success, but don’t forget
To cherish moments, big or small, that we get

As the years go by, we face new challenges
Health and loss, uncertainties and imbalances
But we hold on to hope and faith
And find strength to face every wraith

Our journey of life is never complete
We keep evolving, learning, and seek
To be better, wiser, and kind
To leave behind a legacy, that will bind

So, embrace this journey with an open heart
Take risks, learn, and play your part
Cherish moments, laugh and cry
For life is a journey, worth every try.

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