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Call of the Wild Poems – Discover the untamed beauty of nature through these inspiring poems.

Discover the Wilderness Within: Call of the Wild Poems to Awaken Your Soul

Welcome to the Call of the Wild poetry page! Here you will find a collection of poems that capture the untamed spirit of the great outdoors. From the majestic mountains to the rolling rivers, our poets have put pen to paper to create a range of works that will transport you to the heart of nature. So grab a cup of coffee, cozy up by the fire, and let these poems take you on a journey deep into the wild. And who knows, you might even unleash your own inner bear or wolf – but hopefully, you won’t start howling just yet!

Short Poems

1. “Wilderness Whispers”
The rustle of leaves,
A crunch beneath my feet.
The wilderness whispers,
A melody so sweet.

2. “The Call of the Wild”
The howling wind,
The roaring river.
The call of the wild,
Gives me a shiver.

3. “Nature’s Symphony”
The chirp of the birds,
The buzz of the bees.
Nature’s symphony,
Is music to my ears.

4. “Into the Unknown”
The untamed terrain,
The unexplored land.
Going into the unknown,
Is where I make my stand.

Medium Poems

1. “Wilderness Wanderer”
Lost in the wilderness,
With nothing but the wind,
I wander and I ponder,
What lies around the bend.

The trees tower above me,
The sky is vast and blue,
I am free in this world,
And all the possibilities it imbues.

I hear the howl of a distant wolf,
The rush of a nearby stream,
I am one with this world,
And it feels like a dream.

But as the sun sets behind the mountains,
I know it’s time to rest,
For the wilderness will always call me,
And I’ll answer its behest.

2. “On The Hunt”
We stalk through the forest,
Our senses on full alert,
The prey is nearby,
And we feel no hurt.

The crunch of a twig,
The rustle of leaves,
Each sound guides us closer,
Like a web it weaves.

We spot our target,
And hold our breath,
We strike with precision,
And there’s no time for regret.

We savor the spoils,
And give thanks for the kill,
For we are hunters,
And this is our thrill.

3. “Loyal Companion”
By my side,
You always stay,
A faithful companion,
Through night and day.

You don’t judge,
You don’t ask why,
You’re always there,
Never asking me to lie.

We journey together,
Through wind and weather,
And I know you’ll always be,
My loyal feather.

Through thick and thin,
You’re my trusted friend,
And when the world feels cold,
You bring warmth that doesn’t end.

Long Poems

The Call of the Wild

In the distance, a howl echoes through the night,
A call of the wild, in the moon’s fading light.
A pack of wolves, their voices raised high,
Singing a song of the starry sky.

They run through the forest, a blur in the trees,
A dance of the wild, with grace and ease.
Their eyes, like jewels, gleaming bright,
Reflecting the fire in the night.

The wind carries their song, across the land,
A symphony of the wild, with a powerful demand.
Calling all creatures, great and small,
To heed the call, to join in the brawl.

For the wild is alive, with a spirit of its own,
A force to be reckoned with, fierce and unknown.
It’s a place of wonder, of beauty and might,
A playground for creatures, to live and take flight.

So let the call of the wild, fill your heart and soul,
Join in the chorus, let the rhythm take control.
Together we’ll run, under the stars and moon,
And howl with the wolves, in a symphony of tune.

For the wild is a place, with a magic that’s true,
A reminder of what we once knew.
So let’s never forget, the call of the wild,
For it’s a part of us, like a mother and child.

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