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Magical Fairy Tale Poems: Stories of Love and Enchantment

Magical Verses: Fairy Tale Poems that Will Enchant You

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where fairy tales come to life through the magic of poetry! On this page, we’ve gathered a collection of enchanting and whimsical poems that will transport you to faraway lands and into the realm of fantasy. From the classic tales of Cinderella and Snow White to lesser-known stories like The Seven Swans and East of the Sun, our poems cover a wide range of fairy tales. So grab a cup of tea, settle in, and let yourself be carried away by the beauty and wonder of our fairy tale poems. Don’t worry, you won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight!

Short Poems

1. Sleeping Beauty
In slumber deep she lay
A hundred years gone by
Till true love’s kiss did stray
To lift the curse and set her high

2. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Little Goldilocks so bold
Enters the bears’ abode
A chair, a bed, a porridge cold
Will she learn her lesson, abode?

3. Jack and the Beanstalk
A giant towering high
In his castle up above
Jack must climb to reach the sky
With gold and magic, courage and love

4. Little Red Riding Hood
Deep in the forest so dark
Red Riding Hood must walk
A basket and a pretty spark
But in the shadows, danger may stalk

Medium Poems

1. “The Three Little Pigs”

Once upon a morn, so sunny and bright
Three little pigs set out to build, with all their might
The first built a house of straw, oh so thin
The second built a house of sticks, a little less flimsy, yin to yang
The third built a house of bricks, strong and stout
And all through the land, there was no doubt
The wolf huffed and puffed but couldn’t blow the house down
Their homes were secure, the pigs won the crown

2. “The Princess and the Frog”

Once upon a dream, a frog appeared
To the princess he spoke, a tale quite weird
“I am under a spell, a prince in disguise
Kiss me, oh sweet princess, to open your eyes”
Dubious at first, she gave him a peck
And lo and behold, he turned into her prince, what the heck
Happily ever after they lived, in love they basked
Proving that appearances can be deceiving, love is all that is asked

3. “Rapunzel”

In a tower tall, Rapunzel sat
Her long hair draped over the windows, a welcome mat
A prince climbed up one day, to seek his fate
And found Rapunzel up above, a lovely date
Together they fled, Rapunzel’s hair trailing behind
A happy ending they had, no more solitude to mind
Proving that even in the direst of circumstances
Love can flourish, break the tightest of stances

Long Poems

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time in a far away land,
There lived a beautiful princess so grand.
Her hair was like gold, her eyes like the sky,
And her heart was pure, she couldn’t tell a lie.

The kingdom was happy, the people were kind,
For they knew their princess was the fairest in mind.
She ruled with grace and led with love,
Her kindness surrounding, like the wings of a dove.

But one day a curse fell upon the land,
From a dark sorcerer with an evil plan.
He said the princess would fall asleep,
And not awake until love’s truest keep.

The kingdom was in shock and dismay,
For they couldn’t bear to see their princess lay.
But a prince from a distant land,
Came to their aid lending a hand.

He rode upon his trusty steed,
With a heart full of love and a will to succeed.
He battled the sorcerer with all his might,
And emerged victorious with the might of his knight.

The prince then approached the sleeping beauty,
And found himself entranced by her beauty.
He kissed her gently, with love in his heart,
And the magic broke, their love did start.

The princess awoke, with a smile so bright,
And the kingdom was filled with pure delight.
The prince and the princess got married that day,
And their love blossomed, like flowers in May.

From that day on, the kingdom was blessed,
With the love of their princess and her lover at rest.
And the sorcerer was never heard from again,
For true love triumphs, over all that’s in vain.

So the moral of this tale, is simple and true,
Love conquers all, no matter what you do.
Once upon a time is not just a story,
It’s a reminder of love, a glory.

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