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You Don’t Know Me Poems – Poetic Expressions of Misunderstood Identities

Unveiling the Depths: You Don’t Know Me Poems

Welcome to our “You Don’t Know Me” page, where you’ll find a variety of poems about the misunderstood and the unknown. From the quiet introvert to the rebel with a cause, these pieces capture the frustration and complexity of feeling unseen or stereotyped. Whether you relate to these poems personally or simply appreciate a good dose of empathy, you’re in the right place. So sit back, sip your tea, and enjoy the witty musings of our talented poets.

Short Poems

1. “Mask”
You see my smile,
But you don’t know my pain.
I hide it all with a mask,
So my tears fall like rain.

2. “Inside”
You see my exterior,
But you don’t know my inside.
My thoughts, my fears,
All I try to hide.

3. “Alone”
You see me surrounded,
But you don’t know I’m alone.
In a world full of people,
I feel like I have no home.

4. “True Self”
You see what I show,
But you don’t know my true self.
The person within,
So fragile, like a shelf.

Medium Poems

1. “The Mask”
I wear a mask, you see
You think you know me
But these layers I keep
Are not for you to peep

I hide behind a smile
But it’s only for a while
My fears, my doubts, my pain
I keep them locked, detained

You don’t know the real me
I hide behind what you see
Until the day I strip away
This mask that I portray

2. “Invisible”
I walk these streets alone
A face that’s never shown
I blend into the crowd
My voice never loud

No one seems to see
This invisible part of me
I try to reach out and touch
But my hands always clutch

The air, the empty space
The void that’s in this place
I am but a shadow
Invisible, a nobody to follow

3. “The Outsider”
I sit on the sidelines
Watching as life unwinds
I try to fit in, to belong
But the feeling is always wrong

I watch as they laugh and play
But I never know what to say
I feel like an outsider, misplaced
Their words, their actions, are laced

With a hidden intent
That always seems to accent
How different I am, how odd
Making me feel like a fraud

I long to join in the fun
But it seems I’m always shunned
An outsider I’ll always be
Living life on the periphery.

Long Poems

You Don’t Know Me

You think you know who I am,
But you don’t know me at all.
You put on a charade,
And you act like you’re my best friend,
But deep down I know the truth.

You don’t know the pain I carry,
The sorrows that weigh me down.
You don’t know the tears I’ve shed,
The fears that leave me paralyzed.

You see my smile and my laughter,
And you assume I’m doing fine.
But behind closed doors,
I battle demons that you can’t fathom.

You don’t know the scars on my heart,
The wounds that never heal.
You don’t know what I’ve lost,
The pieces that can never be replaced.

You don’t know me at all,
And it’s foolish to think you do.
I am not just the surface,
The mask that I wear for you.

I am a complex being,
With layers you can’t imagine.
I have hopes and dreams,
And a soul that craves love and understanding.

So don’t pretend to know me,
Don’t claim to understand my pain.
Just be there for me,
And listen when I speak my truth.

Because you don’t know me at all,
And that’s okay.
But if you take the time to listen,
Maybe we can bridge the divide.

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