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Slavery Acrostic Poems

Sorrowful Shackles: Slavery Acrostic Poems

Welcome to our page dedicated to slavery acrostic poems! While the topic of slavery is certainly not a laughing matter, we’ve gathered a range of acrostic verses on this page that manage to be both thought-provoking and witty. From somber reflections on the history of slavery to more lighthearted takes on the topic, these poems offer a unique look at an often difficult subject. So read on and see what strikes a chord with you!

Short Poems

1. Shackles
Stripped of all their worth
Held captive without merit
A life of torment

2. Chains
Caught in a cruel trap
Hopes and dreams are crushed
Bruised and battered souls

3. Servitude
Sold like property
Bound to their master’s whims
A life of forced labor

4. Freedom
Emancipated souls
Breaking free from bondage
A just and equal world.

Medium Poems

1. Enslaved

Endless days of toil and dread,
No escape from this wretched bed,
Suffering, pain, body and soul,
Longing for freedom, impossible goal,
All hope crushed, all dreams decayed,
Voices silenced, spirit enslaved,
Enduring the whip, the chains, the shame,
Determined to resist, to reclaim.

2. Liberation

Luminous dawn, a brand new day,
Infinite horizons, wide open way,
Bonds broken, shackles shattered,
Euphoric souls, free and unencumbered,
Radiant smiles, hearts overflowing,
And a future of wonder, yet unknowing,
Time to heal, to reconcile, to forgive,
Intoxicated by the joy of just being alive.

Long Poems

Shackled Souls

Slaves torn from their homes and families
Hunted, captured and chained like animals
Auctioned off, treated like objects
Children separated from mothers’ breasts
Kings and queens stripped of their crowns

Lashed and beaten for the slightest mistake
Every breath taken under watchful eyes
Sheer will holding them together
Overcoming exhaustion and pain each day
Undeterred by the callous brutality
Left with no hope, no future

Sold to the highest bidder, for a lifetime of servitude
Of all the wrongs done to them, none was most profound
Slavery stole their dignity and humanity

Shackles of Sorrow

Slavery is a curse that befalls
Human beings in chains, treated as dolls
Abused, exploited, and traded like goods
Crushed under the weight of whips and hoods

Kith and kin separated by force
Leaders rising to right this curse
Eager to fight until freedom is won
Very little was that of pride and fun

Emancipation brought joy to many
Restoring human rights as worth more than penny
Yokes of slavery have been broken apart
Sorrow no longer a stain on the heart

Only memories remain of the past
Following laws, freedom does last
Sorrowful past serves as a reminder
Onto our freedom, we must strive to not hinder
Wise words spoken, repeating the truth
Overcoming slavery requires more than a sleuth
Rights to own ourselves is what we indoctrinate

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