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Shadow of War: Dark Poems of Conflict and Courage

From Mordor to Middle-Earth: Epic Poems Inspired by Shadow of War

Welcome to our Shadow of War Poems page on 1LovePoems! Here you will find a range of poems inspired by the epic video game that will take you on a journey through Middle-earth like never before. From tales of valiant battles to the indomitable spirit of the brave characters in the game, our poems capture the essence of this epic adventure. So get ready to delve into the world of Shadow of War with our collection of witty, poignant and evocative poems that will leave you awestruck!

Short Poems

1. The Dark Lord’s Reign
Orcs march in unison
as the Dark Lord’s power grows
Middle-earth trembles

2. Gollum’s Lament
My precious is gone
Betrayed by the hobbitses
Gollum weeps alone

3. Siege of Minas Tirith
The white city stands strong
Against the might of Mordor
Hope begins to fade

4. Fellowship’s Journey
Nine set out to save
One ring to rule them all, but
Will they all survive?

Medium Poems

The Shadow and the Flame

In the land of Mordor, where shadows lie,
The darkness reigns and the weak shall die.
But one wraith has risen, with vengeance in his heart,
And he will stop at nothing to tear the evil apart.

He summons the spirits of the fallen,
Guided by the light of a star, unshackled and unbroken.
With power and fury, he fights the armies of the night,
And the earth trembles beneath him in his might.

The fiery sword glimmers in his hand,
As he cuts through the darkness, like a beacon in the land.
The shadows flee, the flame burns bright,
And the wraith stands tall, victorious in his fight.

The Rise of the Nazgul

The Nine, the Nazgul, the servants of the dark,
Their wills bent to Sauron, the Lord of the Ring’s mark.
With power and fear they ride on their winged beasts,
Their eyes glowing red, as they roam the skies like a feast.

With swords of morgul, and cloaks of black,
They leave only death and destruction in their track.
The Nazgul are coming, their war cry fills the air,
And the people of Middle-Earth tremble in despair.

But amidst the chaos, a hero shall rise,
With courage and strength that will never compromise.
He will face the Nine, and defeat them with his sword,
And restore the light to the land that was once the Lord’s.

The Fall of Sauron

In the heart of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom,
The shadow lurks, the dark lord whispers his gloom.
But the light of hope shines bright, burning in the hearts of men,
As they march to war, ready to fight and defend.

The armies of the East and West have gathered,
And the battle cries ring out, as they charge, undeterred.
The clash of swords, the roar of dragons fill the air,
And the ground shakes beneath them with a great despair.

But in the end, it is the ring-bearer who will emerge,
With the one true ring he bears, with him, the darkness purged.
He marches to Mount Doom, the power of the ring will cease,
And with it, the dark lord’s rule will crumble, like autumn leaves.

Long Poems

The Endless Struggle

In the Land of Mordor, where the shadows lay,
War is constant, night and day,
Orcs clash in bloody rage,
And the Dark Lord sits upon his throne, in his cage.

With the One Ring in his grasp,
Sauron rules with an iron grasp,
His minions do his bidding,
While the Free Peoples fear the war he’s waging.

Yet there are those who stand strong,
Against the darkness they hold on,
Rangers roam the wild lands,
And warriors train their hands.

Their hope never dies,
Their spirit never lies,
For they know that the light,
Shall forever defy the night.

Talion, a ranger of Gondor,
Fights to restore the order,
Against the armies of the dark,
He strikes a blow, leaving his mark.

His companion Celebrimbor,
Great Elven smith and craftsman,
Forges weapons of ancient might,
That can pierce the darkness, and the night.

Together they challenge the darkness,
Because they know they can harness,
The power of the One Ring,
To challenge Sauron, they take on this thing.

The battles are long, and hard,
And losses mount up in a certain regard,
But the struggle continues on,
For everyone who’s gone.

Victory may not come,
But they’ll never give up or succumb,
To the darkness that envelopes their world,
For they will always keep the hope unfurled.

And so the endless struggle wages,
Through the ages, the sages,
Will sing of those who stood up,
To challenge the darkness, and the corrupt.

Their names will become legend,
For their courage, and their will never end,
Their sacrifice for the greater good,
Will forever be understood.

And though the darkness may always be,
The light will always rise, and inspire thee,
To fight on, and never give up,
To give hope to all, and never to disrupt.

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