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Terrifying Tales: A Collection of Scarry Poems for Halloween

Chilling Tales and Eerie Rhymes: Enter the World of Scarry Poems

Welcome to our page of Scarry Poems on 1LovePoems! Here, you’ll find poems that will make your hairs stand up and your heart race. From haunting ghosts to creepy clowns, we’ve got a range of spooky themes covered.

Whether you’re a fan of horror movies or just love the thrill of adrenaline pumping through your veins, our Scarry Poems will leave you feeling exhilarated. So sit back, turn off the lights, and let our talented poets take you on a journey into the unknown.

But be warned – these poems may give you the shivers, make you jump out of your skin, and maybe even have you sleeping with the lights on. But hey, what’s life without a little scare?

So, get ready to be frightened, entertained, and thoroughly spooked with our Scarry Poems on 1LovePoems!

Short Poems

1. Forgotten Fears
Shadows creeping on the wall
Whispers in the dark
The creaking of the floorboards
And the beating of your heart
The things that lurk in corners
You try to ignore their rustle
But in the dead of night, they rise
All your fears, unbridled

2. Haunted
Ghostly steps on creaking stairs
A chill in the air, as if someone’s there
A vase falls, shattering on the floor
And then a voice, a ghostly roar
A burst of cold, as if to warn
That you’re not alone, it’s the dead reborn

3. The Dreaded Knock
A knock on the door, uninvited
A sound that leaves you affrighted
The darkness surrounds, as you peek outside
But nothing is there, only your fright
The knock returns, louder still
It’s a sound that gives you a chill

4. In the Shadows
Eyes that gleam in the dark
A presence felt, but unseen sparks
Something lurking in the shadows
Waiting for unsuspecting persons to follow
A chill in the air, a shiver down your spine
In the shadows, the fear resides.

Medium Poems

Whispers in the Dark

In the shadowy corners of my mind,
Whispers in the dark I find,
Echoes of unknown voices,
Haunting me with their choices.

A chill runs down my spine,
As I try to escape this secret shrine,
But the whispers only grow louder,
Driving me to a place so much darker.

Lost in depths of my own fears,
I try to hold back my tears,
But these voices will not relent,
Taking me to a place where my soul does lament.

The whispers become a deafening roar,
As I am swept away to a place unknown,
A place where darkness prevails,
And the whispers in the dark never fail.

The Shadow’s Reach

In the dead of night,
There comes a terror that gives us fright,
A shadow so dark, cold and deep,
That it steals away all our sleep.

Its reach is long and far,
And it leaves us all with scars,
Whispers of horrors untold,
In our minds they take hold.

The shadow’s fingers, like claws,
Come to snatch and snatch without pause,
Its grip is tight, fierce and unrelenting,
Taking us far from our safe haven.

We run and run in terror,
But the shadow’s grip is so much clearer,
It wraps itself around our hearts,
And our souls it rips apart.

The shadow’s reach is long,
And its terror beyond any song,
It comes when we are all alone,
Leaves us cowering and unknown.

Long Poems

The Haunted Forest

Beneath the canopy of blackened trees
The darkness whispered unsettling pleas
Twisted roots grasped at my feet
The forest floor felt like death’s defeat

Shadows danced and flickered about
As I made my way through the woods, in doubt
The air, suffocating with the scent of rot
And something else, a strange enticement, that’s what

The branches scraped and clawed at my cloak
As if warning me to turn and go
But something held me and I trudged on
As if trapped in a surreal song

Was it the lure of the unknown
Or the fear that I might be alone
I could hear whispers and eerie groans
In the forest’s depths, far from home

The rustling of leaves underfoot
Might have been a harmless hoot
But a shiver ran down my spine
As I thought of those who were lost in time

The moon had disappeared from sight
And darkness ruled the haunted night
The forest grew denser as I walked on
And I wished I were already gone

Suddenly, I heard my name
Whispered and echoed, like it was aflame
I turned around, but no one was there
Just a mist that seemed to care

The mist embraced me in its embrace
And I felt like it had a face
The face of all those who were lost
In the forest, however much it cost

I screamed in terror, felt my heart race
As I realized I was in a dangerous place
I fought my way out, with all my might
And I finally emerged, to the light

The haunted forest, it wasn’t a myth
And I wouldn’t dare to go back and tiff
It was a place where spirits roamed
And if I went back, I’d never go home.

The Terror That Lurks Within

The night is dark, and the wind is howling,
And I can hear the sound of footsteps prowling,
Through the shadows, I see the eyes that gleam,
A terror that’s real, and not just a dream.

The darkness surrounds me, and I am alone,
But I can sense the presence, the evil unknown,
That creeps in the corners, that hides in the wall,
The terror that lurks within, and it threatens to maul.

I’m trapped in a realm where the dead never sleep,
The ghoul that hunts me is slowly but surely keeping,
Me from escaping, from freeing myself,
From the nightmarish realm, from the horror that dwells.

Deep within the abyss, a monster awakens,
A demon that feeds on fears and never forgives,
It torments my soul, and it plays with my mind,
A hell that’s never-ending, a nightmare unkind.

With each passing hour, the terror draws near,
It’s in the air that I breathe, it’s everywhere,
The darkness consumes me, and I am lost,
In a realm that’s unforgiving, whose price is the cost.

Of sanity and peace, and the freedom to flee,
The terror that lurks within, that threatens to kill me,
With each step I take, the abyss grows deeper,
And the light grows dimmer, the heart beats weaker.

I can feel the cold hands that reach for my soul,
That tug from the depths, and never let go,
The terror that lurks within, a monster unkind,
That thrives on my fears, and it’s winning the fight.

But I’ll not give up, I’ll never surrender,
For I am the light in a world of the blender,
Of chaos and madness, of horrors untold,
And I’ll never give up, till the terror is vanquished and cold.

So I’ll keep on fighting, till the end of the road,
Till the dawn of a new day, till the horror is slowed,
For I am the hero, the champion of light,
In a world that’s consumed by the terror of the night.

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