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Down Home Rhymes: Red Neck Poems Celebrating Country Life

Down home and heartfelt: Red Neck Poems that’ll tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings.

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we celebrate all types of love, even the ones that some may consider “redneck.” Yes, we’re talking about those down-home, country-style romances that often involve trucks, dirt roads, and a cold beer in hand. But don’t let the stereotype fool you – redneck love can be just as sweet and tender as any other kind of love.

On this page, you’ll find a range of redneck poems that capture the essence of this unique love style. From odes to hunting and fishing to ballads about backwoods weddings, we’ve got it all. So sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy some good old-fashioned redneck love poetry. Yeehaw!

Short Poems

Mud, Trucks, and Sunshine

Mud splatters on the tires,
As we drive through country miles.
The radio blares out country tunes,
In our trucks, under the sun’s warmth and Noon.

We take a break by the creek,
And gulp down some ice-cold beer,
Then we’re back on the road,
With a hoot and a holler, a rebel cheer.

We love our life in the rural,
With our muddy trucks and blue skies,
And we’ll stick to it forever,
Our redneck pride rising high.

Cornbread and Sweet Tea

There’s nothing like a slice of cornbread,
Fresh from the oven and buttered soft,
And sweet iced tea to wash it down,
On a hot summer day, when the breeze is aloft.

We gather ’round the table,
With our kin and friends,
And bless the nourishing bounty,
That Mother Earth provides till the end.

With every bite and sip we take,
We feel our bodies, our souls replete,
And thank the Lord Almighty,
For this simple, down-home treat.

Hunting Season

Autumn leaves blaze in their golden hues,
As the hunters come out with their rifles and blues.
The woods are alive with the sounds of prey,
Squirrels, turkeys, deer, and boars, all fair game to slay.

The excitement grows with each cracking twig,
As the prey comes into the hunters’ view, running big.
The adrenaline rushes in with steady aim,
Bang! the shot echoes through the forest, a triumphant claim.

The hunt is far more than the triumph of kill,
It’s a bond between man and nature, a thrill.
And as the sun sets on another hunting season,
We’ll cherish the memories of this wild reason.

Southern Belles

Southern belles, with their drawling speech,
And their gracious ways, soft and breech,
They light up our heart and soul,
With their beauty, charm, and alluring goal.

Their eyes sparkle like diamonds on morning’s dew,
Their smile radiates like the Southern sun, true and new,
And their curves fill our heart with the warmest desires,
Like a melody that soothes the soul, a bliss that never tires.

Oh, Southern belles, you are the belle of the ball,
In your frilly dresses and bonnets tall,
We’ll go out of our way to win your heart,
And love you, cherish you, till death do us apart.

Medium Poems

1. “Mud-Slinging”
Down in the South where the dirt roads wind
And the folks are kind, but a bit behind
We know how to have ourselves a good time
With an ol’ pick-up and a bottle of moonshine

We don’t need no fancy cars or shiny things
Just a pair of boots and a heart that sings
We’ll get down and dirty, make our own fun
Don’t care if we’re broke, we still get ‘er done

So let’s go mud-slinging, feel the tires spin
Spray some dirt, let the good times begin
In this world, we’re just country folks
Living life without any fancy jokes

2. “Hootenanny”
Down in the holler where the air is sweet
And the music carries on the evening breeze
We’ll gather ’round a fire, play some tall tales
Drink some sweet tea, and forget our fails

We’ll stomp our feet and clap our hands
Rattle some bones, feel the beat of the lands
With a fiddle and guitar, we’ll start the show
And dance until the morning glow

We’ll sing songs of love and hard-luck tales
Of the hills and the rivers, the fields and the dales
We’ll celebrate life, each other, and our land
In this hootenanny that we’ll start with a hand.

Long Poems

Redneck Chronicles

Y’all gather ’round and lend an ear
About a place we hold so dear
Where the sweet tea flows and the fried chicken’s hot
And the front porch is where we like to squat

Where the stars at night shine so bright
And the moon shines on like a guiding light
Where the folks are friendly and the accents drawl
And the fishin’ holes are loved by all

Where we sit and sip our moonshine jars
And listen to the tales of the old guitar
Where life moves slow and the days are long
And the only worries we have are singin’ a good song

Where mama’s fried pies are perfectly made
And grandma’s biscuits are never swayed
Where we raise our own beef and grow ‘maters too
And we hunt our own game, turkey and even gnu

Where tractors plow the fields and cows roam free
And the sound of cicadas is music to hear and see
Where we have our shootin’ competitions and rodeos
And the bonfires bring out the fiddles and banjos

Where the church bells ring and the gospel is preached
And the faith and love are always reached
Where the family ties are strong as steel
And the neighbors help when there’s a need to heal

So come and join us in this place we call home
Where the redneck roots have always grown
And though we may be rough around the edges
We’re filled with love for life and all its pledges.

The Ballad of Billy Bob and Bessie Lou

Now let me tell y’all ’bout a man named Billy Bob
He was the king of the redneck job
He drove a big ol’ pick-up truck
And he liked to party and gettin’ drunk

He had a woman by the name of Bessie Lou
She was the queen of the trailer-park crew
She had a heart of gold and a mouth to match
And she could whip up a mean moonshine batch

One day Billy Bob and Bessie Lou
Decided they wanted to say “I do”
So they headed on down to the courthouse
And got hitched up without a fuss

Now Billy Bob and Bessie Lou
Had a love that was strong and true
They worked hard all day damn long
But at night they cut loose and sang country songs

They’d sit on the porch and watch the sunset
Drinkin’ beer and smokin’ a cigarette
They had a big ol’ hound dog named Sadie
Who’d howl along with their songs, she was a little bit crazy

One day Billy Bob got himself in a bind
He owed some money to the wrong kind
So he hatched a plan to make it right
By robbin’ a bank on a Friday night

Bessie Lou begged him not to go
But Billy Bob had a point to show
He needed the money to pay his debts
And so he left with a heavy heart and no regrets

But as fate would have it, things went wrong
The cops came after Billy Bob before too long
He was caught, tried, and sent to jail
And Bessie Lou was left alone to wail

But Bessie Lou was a tough ol’ gal
She held her head up high in the face of it all
She worked even harder to make ends meet
And she never gave up hope that they’d one day meet

When Billy Bob was finally set free
He ran straight back to his Bessie Lou to see
She ran to his arms and held him tight
And they knew everything was gonna be all right

They went back to their trailer-park home
And spent the night talkin’ ’bout all they’d known
They made up their minds to steer clear
Of trouble, and live a life free of fear

Nowadays Billy Bob and Bessie Lou
Sit out on their porch, watchin’ the sky turn blue
They’re a little older and a little wiser too
And they know that their love is strong and true

So here’s to Billy Bob and Bessie Lou
May their love be forever pure and true
And may they keep on singin’ those country songs
Till the end of their days, and beyond.

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