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Goodnight Poems to End Your Day in Blissful Serenity

Drift off to dreamland with these sweet and loving goodnight poems.

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we have a variety of poems for you to explore. Tonight, we’re focusing on one of the sweetest topics of all, saying goodnight. So whether you’re curling up under the covers or sending someone off to dreamland, we’ve got a poem to suit your mood. From sentimental to silly, our collection is sure to make saying goodnight a little more special. So cozy up and enjoy the rhymes, because it’s time to say goodnight!

Short Poems

1. “Slumber’s Embrace”
As the moon rises high,
And the stars twinkle in the sky,
Close your eyes and say goodbye,
To the world, until the morning light.

2. “Silent Night”
The darkness surrounds us,
In stillness, we find peace,
As we lay down to rest,
Let our worries cease.

3. “Bedtime Thoughts”
As you lay in bed,
And tuck yourself in tight,
Think of happy moments,
And let them light up the night.

4. “Sleep Tight”
Goodnight, my dear,
Close your eyes without fear,
Let the angels watch over and keep you near,
And fall into slumber, sleep tight my dear.

Medium Poems


As the day winds down
And the night creeps in
My eyes begin to droop
And my breathing slows within

The pillow cradles my head
And the blanket warms my skin
I sink into the mattress
And let the slumber begin

My mind drifts away
To dreams so serene
A world where all is well
And worries disappear unseen

As I surrender to sleep
And let go of everything
I know the night will pass
And a new day will soon begin

So I bid thee goodnight
And let the slumber take flight
For tomorrow is but a few winks away
And with it comes a brand new play

Sweet Dreams

When the moon shines bright
And the stars twinkle with delight
I close my eyes and say goodnight
As I wish for dreams both sweet and light

In my dreams, I can fly
And touch the skies so high
I can dance under the sun
And have endless fun

My dreams take me to distant lands
Where waterfalls flow free and grand
Where the grass is soft and green
And the breeze is light and serene

In my dreams, I can be whoever I choose
And all the troubles of the world refuse
I can rest my weary mind and soul
And let my spirit be whole

So I close my eyes and whisper soft and slow
Sweet dreams to all, and off to sleep I go
For tomorrow is another day to embrace
And in my dreams, I prepare to face.

Long Poems

The Lullaby of Night

As the day comes to a blissful end,
And the sun dips below the horizon bend,
Illuminating the sky with a tint of red,
It’s time to put our weary heads to bed.

The moon greets us with its gentle light,
Shimmering and dancing in the dark of night,
The stars twinkle, casting their magical spell,
As we lay in our beds, cozy and well.

The lullaby of night begins to sing,
A soft melody that makes our hearts wing,
The cool breeze rustles the leaves around,
And the crickets chirp a soothing sound.

We close our eyes and let our mind wander,
To the land of dreams where our thoughts meander,
Where unicorns roam and fairies fly,
And the world is free from any sigh.

The night wraps us like a warm embrace,
A blanket of peace, a serene space,
It fills our hearts with calm and rest,
And soothes our souls in its loving nest.

So let’s bid farewell to the day that’s gone,
And embrace the night, soft and yawn,
The lullaby of night will carry us through,
Till the morning light dawns anew.

Sweet dreams, dear ones, and goodnight,
May your slumber be restful and bright,
Wake up rejuvenated and ready to fight,
For the day that’s waiting, shining and bright.

Sleep, My Love

Sleep, my love, and rest your weary head,
Close your eyes and dream soft in your bed.
Let your worries drift, and troubles fade,
As gentle slumber takes you in its shade.

The night may be dark, but fear not, dear heart,
For I am here to stand by your side,
To ward off any terrors that may start
And in my embrace, let you safely hide.

As the moon climbs high in the midnight sky,
And stars twinkle like diamonds so bright,
Let the melodies of the night lullaby
Carry you away to a land of delight.

May your dreams be filled with joy and love,
With laughter, adventure, and magic all around.
May you fly with wings of a free dove,
And explore the wonders waiting to be found.

And when the morning breaks and light pours in,
May you wake up refreshed and ready to begin.
May your spirit be lifted, your heart filled with grace,
And may your dreams stay with you, leaving their trace.

So sleep, my love, and have a peaceful night,
With angels guarding your sleep tight.
I’ll be here waiting for you, ready and bright,
When the morning comes, and the sun shines so bright.

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